Child Smiles As Mother Gets Delivered

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Child Smiles As Mother Gets Delivered

Post by Pastor QT » Wed May 01, 2013 12:12 pm

Over the week-end I was hosting a friend at church; we were conducting deliverance services. Jesus in His ever-fresh love, grace, and mercy set many people free. There were screams, growls, shrieks, vomits, tears, and more as evil spirits manifested and exited. It’s always an amazing sight to see God’s wonder-working power at work.

One precious lady’s deliverance touched my heart. When the demons that were afflicting her left; she saw a vision. In the vision she saw her eldest daughter smiling at her. She then told us that she used to resent her own daughter! She used to hate her with a passion but had never understood why. Now think about that for a moment. This lady had carried this child for nine months in her womb. She had tenderly suckled her. And yet she hated her. How unnatural! She couldn’t wait to get home and hug her.

I just wonder how many relationships out there have been poisoned by malicious spirits. How many are frowning instead of smiling at their loved ones? How many are slapping each other instead of squeezing each other in loving hugs? How many, just how many, I wonder.
I love you with bondage-breaking love!

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