Battered, Broken & Bandaged

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Battered, Broken & Bandaged

Post by Pastor QT » Thu Apr 18, 2013 6:06 am

Tossed to and fro by life’s storms,
Battered and blasted by fierce winds,
Pieces of my soul strewn everywhere,
It must be all over,

Bleeding knife wounds deep down my heart,
Stabbed by those near and dear,
Blood-drawn evil hounds all over me,
Hungry for a piece of meat,

Hurting and howling like a dog,
I can’t even express the pain,
Or share the shame,
Inundated by sores inside,

Who is this kneeling beside me?
With tender eyes He lovingly stares at me,
I melt with love just looking at Him,
I’m now drowning in mercy,
Mesmerized by my maker,

Gently and tenderly He works on my wounds,
Washing them with the water of His word,
And anointing them with the oil of His spirit.
Bandaged and protected,
I heal in no time,
I’m so grateful for His tender healing touch.
I love you with bondage-breaking love!

Pastor QT is a published author, missionary and speaker. He is ready to do anything, anytime, anywhere for the sake of Jesus Christ!

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