7 Sources Of Information About Demons

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7 Sources Of Information About Demons

Post by Pastor QT » Mon Apr 15, 2013 2:21 pm

There are many sources from which one can draw info about demons and the Devil. It’s vital to drink from a pure well otherwise one can end up gulping poisoned water.

Source #1: The Media

The media is flooded with supernatural content. Actually programmes and movies that deal with the paranormal are at an all time high. Usually movies scoff at the reality of demons or project them as ultra powerful creatures that toy around with helpless human beings.

Source #2: The Society

Every culture on the planet has its views about the demonic. In some cultures the subject is laughed off as tales from the Stone Age while in others everything is ascribed to demons. Both extremes are way off the mark.

Source #3: The Cults & Occults

Different religious groups teach about demonology. These groups may have some fascinating facts about demons but ultimately they all fail the truth test. Religion is not a rich source of truth.

Source #4: The Delivered

Delivered people can be an invaluable source of information about demons. Demonic schemes and more can be unveiled from the testimonies of the freed. These experiences though, must be measured against God’s word otherwise they will lead us astray.

Source #5: The Ministers

Deliverance ministers who deal with demons regularly can share a lot of data about these vile creatures. Patterns and tendencies gleaned from years of practical experience can provide relevant information. Still, everything must pass through the sieve of God’s word so as to remove unsavoury lumps.

Source #6: The Denominations

Our denominations also shape our perspectives about evil supernaturalism. Some of the information is accurate while some is inaccurate. Unfortunately many denominations regard the word of man more than the word of God.

Source #7: The Word

Whatever useful information we can glean from any of the sources above pales in comparison to the Holy Scriptures; the only true and trustworthy source on every subject. Dig deep into the word for unadulterated, unbiased, and candid information about demons. Drink from the only pure source. If you take time to study what the Bible really says about the subject, you will be surprised at the wealth of information you’ll have at your disposal.
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