What do angels and demons look like?

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What do angels and demons look like?

Post by ChristianSoldier » Thu Feb 14, 2013 3:08 pm

As I've said before I'm not gifted in discernment, but a dear friend on mine is. Some people can see these all the time, but I've only seen these in bits and pieces. Please share if you have ever seen them materialize, what they look like.
I have not seen angels, but my friend reports they are bright, winged, creatures with shields and swords. Just like a lot of the artwork. But demons have countless forms they take on, here are a few I've seen.

1) Stood about 6 feet tall, hooved feet, bipedal creature with dogs face, horns. Voice was a panting dog.

2)Black dog- later learned this demon was in some contradictory way my 'protector' from what IDK but certainly demonic in nature. Followed and sat beside me for some time.

3) Bear with antlers- (small bear, the size of a large dog) standing in hallway

4) About 2 1/2 feet tall, reminded me in all aspects of a leprechaun, minus the green suspenders lol. Impish in character.

5)My husband was talking in his sleep things of (battle, nonsense, anger) thrashing about, so although at the time I didn't know I have no authority over HIS demons, I did start to attempt to cast whatever was causing this out. With eyes shut, in the dark, I could see what this was. Red in color, firetruck red. Stood on all fours but flew with large red wings, large claws, long tail. He jumped on top of me as I lay in bed, and with two front hands pinned down my chest, his feet rested near my hips, tail swishing on my legs. His tongue must have been 2 feet in length and he slithered it out like a snake, then teased my face for a minute with it. As if he were slowly licking off my skin or something. I didn't frighten him at all- except that my warfare prayer caught his attention so he quickly jumped atop me in attempts to stop it. Because I had no authority over my husbands demons, he would not be cast out- I did however think of Jesus strongly, sing 'Jesus' songs in my head, (I was paralyzed in fear and unable to speak) but the thoughts of Jesus did make this thing get off me and fly away.

6) a large white sloth who resided in a tree outside my home, the size of 2 cars (large!) this one I prayed over and during a storm, lightning struck that tree, knocking it and another tree to the ground. Sloth left after that.
More but very vague in description, i.e. just an arm holding a charm coming out of floor..
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Post by turgh » Tue Feb 19, 2013 2:22 pm

When you see them, what does The Holy Spirit lead you to do?

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Post by gregpc » Fri May 17, 2013 3:41 pm

I cannot say that I have ever seen an angel. If I did, I "entertained it unawares" (Hebrews 13:2). I assume they are present though, based on Psalm 91 and Job 1:10, and other scriptures. As for demons, both my wife and son saw a dark shadow-like figure a couple times, and my wife, son and I have heard them and had them touch us. I've heard my named called out several times and once had one tap me on the shoulder to wake me out of sleep. I've heard demonic laughter, mocking and many evil things. :-(


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