Bad parent

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Bad parent

Post by Lifter » Mon Jul 20, 2020 6:04 am

This is just a rant. My father is a terrible parent. Just to be fair, I grade him as a C Level parent. I'll give him a C because he at least provided a roof over my head and supported me financially. But emotionally speaking, he did not provide much support. My dad is emotionally abusive. He often times yells at me or displays a look of irritation on his face. On multiple instances, he is overly critical towards me and overall speaking, he doesn't compliment me much. He also downplays my personal problems and believes that mental illness does not exist. When I say something that is bothering me, my dad almost never validates my feelings. Instead, he often times yells and scolds me in a childlike manner and has no patience whatsoever. As long I am financially well off and make good money, I will probably not miss him much the day he passes away. I felt he shortchanged me and did not teach me much in life. He also was emotionally abusive towards my brother. My dad has poor communication skills because he often times feels the need to shout and display annoyance in order to try to get his point across. If he spoke more gently most of the time, I bet more people would listen to what he wants.

My dad should never have had kids because he is terrible with people and is very unhelpful. Some people were not meant to be parents and my dad is one of them. I sometimes wish God gave me different legal guardians. I feel I would have turned out better if I had a friendlier and more supportive father. I suffer from an anxiety disorder and feel if I had a better father, my anxiety condition would either be a lot milder or I would have been normal when it comes to anxiety.

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Re: Bad parent

Post by LUCIANA » Tue Sep 08, 2020 10:31 pm

Shalom ,so sorry to hear about your Father , it is sad when our parents don't give us the support and love we need ,stay strong ,be loving as our Lord Jesus is and be patient , at times its hard to respect a parent that yell , I had a similar situation much trauma is the result , maybe you can move out and live your life in a peaceful environment , Many blessings in Jesus Name ** :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:

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