How Do I Find Help?

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How Do I Find Help?

Post by FulfilDaPromise » Fri Dec 11, 2020 6:38 pm

I'm sure this is a question that many have asked. Everywhere I look all I see are hurting and broken people crying out for help. Some cry aloud while others cry silently. I hear about people being healed but somehow I don't feel like there is a place of healing-- 'a place for us'. It's like those who are healed just head back out into the world on their own. There is no sense of support or spiritual community. As someone with a satanic ritual abuse background and who has DID (dissociative identity disorder), I need support and a spiritual community even more.

Psalm 20:2 says this wonderful thing: "May He send you help from the Sanctuary and give you support from Zion." I see "the sanctuary" in this case as being Heaven and "Zion" as being the churches. God works directly as well as through people, namely the churches. He sends help from Heaven (direct help from God) and also adds support from the churches (the Body of Christ). This aspect of support I have continually found to be missing.

I have been homeless since 2003. Homeless doesn't mean living on the streets (which is basically what it has been). I have lived most of the 17 years from 2003 till now in December 2020 in homeless shelters. Rather than getting the support I needed, I was accused and shamed for even needing help. When it came to deliverance, I found that such ministries are set up to benefit the minister and not the recipient. If the recipient needs more than the minister is willing to give, then the recipient will be rejected, abandoned, cast out.

In my experience and prayers, I have found that it isn't deliverance sessions I need as much as it is a place where I can belong. Within a place of belonging, deliverance and healing will flow easily. However, I have been in many deliverance sessions since May 2003 and have never received deliverance. When people wonder why, all I can see is the one thing I never had around deliverance: a place of belonging. There was never a place for me to fit in. Deliverance was just 'a service' the same way you go see a bank teller or a psychiatrist after which you return to your own world to live, fight, and survive alone. I am currently in Indianapolis. Where does a person like me find a community of believers-- even just two or three-- where deliverance can finally be facilitated by being among supportive people.
"May He send you help from the Sanctuary, and give you support from Zion" (Ps. 20:2).

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