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quick question

Post by rosie » Sat Jul 14, 2012 1:07 pm

Hi just got a quick question for everyone. I wanna know, if god loves everyone unconditionally and imperfect then why are we judged for sins that we commit and told to be more like him?
Let's face it, we are never gonna be perfect as we are told that jesus is the only perfect one so why does it matter what we do if its not hurting others?? These are the kind of things that just make it hard to believe and fully commit as it seems like a whole control thing going on. Its like, yer you get free will to do as you please but if you don't do the things he wants us to do then you aint going to heaven and your gonna be punished for eternity. I can't be the only person thinking like this

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Post by stillGods » Sun Jul 15, 2012 7:34 pm

He does love us unconditionally
and He also knows any sin, no matter how small, harms us and others
He also knows as we seek to live in righteous ways our lives are more open to Him so we can hang out with Him more easily so He does long for us to have freedom over those things that would try to trip us up
He doesnt want us to be bound up and trapped by sin because it does hurt us.

because He loves us we want to do what is pleasing to Him, not because we have to, but out of thankfulness that He would sacrifice so much for us so we can have a relationship with Him. We love Him because He first loved us.

It is not a control thing but a wanting the best for His children thing

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Post by michel67 » Mon Jul 16, 2012 2:26 am

I dont think you are the only one out there who has thought about this.. at times i would wonder why is God the one and only who is to be in control and over it all, why just Him? But i know that those thoughts were not my thoughts, they were not my thinking . God gave His word , the bible, as a means for us to live, to know how to live in Him, and if it states sins then we are told to stay away from those sins. None of us is ever gong to be perfect, we will all fall short, we will all slip and fall and make mistakes, only God is perfect . Just as a father disciplines his children and should, God disciplines us , and if God disciplines me i am fine with that because that means i needed it, and needed to be more aware . I dont see God as a controlling God, or that will be angry with us if we slip and sin , and send us to Hell, i see HIm as a loving, caring, compassionate, understanding God who is always there to listen and hear us and help us out of our troubles and problems, weaknesess. We can listen to our flesh and go sin, and sin does hurt either us or others, no matter how small the sin may seem, thats why He desires for us to not sin and to follow after Him. He doesnt want to see any of His children hurt . And if we listen to demons who entice us and tempt us to sin we are to try to resist as it says and the devil will flee.
I think the more we grow with Him, depend on Him, let HIs word feed us and desire to be more like HIm we will not want to sin, we will have no desire to sin, and do the things we did. Becoming more like Him isnt going to make us perfect like HIm but it is a testimony for others, to shine our Light unto others so they can see Him through Us, and to live like Him. If someone doesnt have God in their life and sees us sinning, and a particular sin it may destroy our testimony to them . To be a witness to others , to share God with others, to help change the world, our friends, family, by our testimony and not sinning.
Hope this makes sense and is understandable, some times feel the things i say are not . .

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