Seeking Discernng Mentor(s) and Prayer for God's Direction

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Seeking Discernng Mentor(s) and Prayer for God's Direction

Post by MicMogen » Sat Oct 27, 2007 9:43 am

Brothers and Sisters:
Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Yes, I am soliciting a personal and God-led interest in establishing regular communications with another Christian(s) - that also feels led through compassion and empathy - to help my strategic and resolved determination to overcome and understand much of how we are to operate for Christ, in His Kingdom, spiritually. I've suffered "gruesome" attacks for a couple years, and through the discovery of much of my oppressions, have been delivered and gained much ground back - through persistent Faith and reliance on God's strength. This has been much like "peeling layers of an onion," as through vigilant prayer I feel "freer" and for the first time in years can honestly say that that "peace that passes all understanding" has finally taken told of my heart and mind! Hallelujah.

Yet throughout this prolonged "war" for my marriage (divorce), the ex-wife's VERY NEEDED deliverance, reclaiming financial security, overcoming corruption and persecution of local government agencies, and proper security, education, and protection of our 7 yr-old daughter; there have been many experiences and personal determinations that often are "supernatural" and seemingly come through the Holy Spirit. Then, of course, there have been many counters and blatant affronts from the enemy. I will not deny being still very young - not as a Christian - as a Spiritual warrior, as God has intended I "come to terms" with. While I do not exactly feel called into a deliverance ministry, all that I've learned and experienced throughout my recent storms has led me time and again back to this concept that we are responsible for operating through God's Will - His purposes and directions - and that we'll only likely succeed through our Spiritual being. I could go on and on with testifying of all the random meetings I've had with other Christians, powerful experiences of God communicating to me privately through His Word, and "visions" or "prayers" that have overcome me supernaturally.

I recognize the intensity of this warfare, and can attribute most of this contention over the Purposed anointing of our daughter to be used for the Kingdom of God -- more so than my own calling and Purposes. But I've had to deal with all kinds of demonic strongholds - particularly originating from the wife (ex-) and her exploits. I've come against all manners of principalities - primarily a "Jezebel type" controlling spirit about the wife - then her occult involvement has launched prayers of witchcraft, everything about sexual immorality (including incest), and empowered an onslaught of abuses and addictions which has intended that I and our daughter be subjected to.

Enough is enough. God has intended that I operate spiritually (or supernaturally) - much of which has overwhelmed and confused me - and be that "head of the spiritual" about my family, our vows, and the dedication of our daughter to His Will. I've only recently regained that empowerment and resolve. I am determined to Stand against this onslaught, protect our daughter, reconcile a purposeful relationship with the wife(ex-) (however God sees fit), and reclaim all the the enemy has stolen, blocked, and obstructed from finances, career, and ministry. I've gained much momentum in prayer by changing strategy how and what to pray, God is SLOWLY opening doors and clearing paths for my future plans; but I cannot afford to loose anymore ground and find I waver from grief and being greatly indignant about all the the wife is standing for. Much of my focus, lately, has been for the Wrath and Judgment of God to establish Truth and expose all manner of the wickedness - choice or principality - that must be detached, repented, rebuked, and bound. Then can Christ loose His conviction, healing, and deliverances.

Please pray with me for any opportunity you may discern to advise and or pray into our circumstances. We will overcome, and we will be an active force against the oppression in our families, churches, and community.

All for the Glory of God and to exalt that Wonderful Counselor, who is Christ Jesus our Lord!

Michael and Moriah
Praise be to God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with EVERY spiritual blessing -- because of Christ Jesus who is our Lord, our Victory, and our Deliverance!!

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Post by Clare » Sun Oct 28, 2007 10:07 pm

I will keep you and yours very much in prayer - there are others here who I think can better advise you. You will not lose hope because you know the source of all hope. In His love, Clare
In Gospel love, Clare

"The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid...and a little child shall lead them....They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain..." (Isaiah 11: 6 & 9)

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