Bitterness at Coach

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Bitterness at Coach

Post by Lifter » Tue Dec 20, 2022 3:00 am

I apologize in advance if I already posted this today. I did not see any status of things being successfully posted so I will try again. I feel very upset at the powerlifting coach I hired. Please pray for me to forgive this previous powerlifting coach I hired and to not be bitter towards him. Below is a description of what happened that made me feel he is unreliable and an inconsiderate person. Thanks.

In the recent past, I hired a powerlifting coach for 1 on 1 training for about 5 weeks. The cost was extremely expensive on a monthly basis. The training was for a maximum of 4 sessions per week. The coach appeared to be nice during training sessions and whenever he was scheduled to be there, he did well in teaching me how to properly do the lifts. However, I felt that he is unreliable and flakey. I sent him 2 powerlifting related emails and he promised me in person that he would reply back to my emails, but that he could not respond right away because he was busy. Today, it has been over 5 months and he still has not responded to any of those 2 emails. He has replied back to a couple of my emails in the past so I know that if he replied back, it would not go to my spam folder.

Also, I was disappointed in the fact that the powerlifting gym's advertisement of 1 on 1 training was misleading. Every time I attended a training session with him, he always had a group class going on so he was not able to give me 100 percent attention. Every time he taught me something, he would often walk over to monitor someone else then come back. Even though I still got enough information on the lifting weights aspect, I feel that if I pay a lot of money for personal training, I deserve 100 percent attention. Also, when I asked him if he could design a powerlifting training program for me, he told me that I can just go on my phone to view free powerlifting programs.

I was disappointed in his reply because the 1 on 1 training was advertised being that the coach would custom design an exercise program for the client. It was also advertised that the coach would offer nutritional advice for the client. When I asked my coach for nutritional advice, he simply told me that he would email me a link but more than 5 months has passed and I never received a link. I stopped going there because I felt I learned all I could learn from him in those 5 weeks. I felt that overall, the powerlifting coach did not care about my needs, is an unreliable person who breaks promises, and probably only cares about my money. The reason for me posting this is to get this negative feeling off of my chest. Whenever people, including people who are not my friends or not biologically related to me ask for help, when I say yes, I am extremely good at meeting their needs. The thing that upsets me about this powerlifting coach is that he gets paid so much money but he does not offer the same value as the money he charges. My guess is that he probably treats other clients the same way he treats me which is not responding to client's powerlifting related questions, not providing people a custom designed powerlifting program, and not giving people nutritional advice. I can understand someone not wanting to help someone if they did not get anything back in return such as money. In this case though, I feel that the powerlifting coach is not a considerate person.

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