Dreams being erased

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Dreams being erased

Post by michel67 » Mon Nov 09, 2015 4:09 pm

Hello, I know not many if any, are on here any more... yet some may still come to read and look for some hope so im just sharing... I had had nightmares and night terrors for some time now, over 20 years I believe, and most times wake up remembering most of the dreams and the bad ones... but lately, it feels like God is taking a big eraser and erasing them so I cannot remember them any more.. and that's a good thing, not remembering the bad things in my sleep and not screaming out because of them is good.. when I wake up in the mornings it feels like my mind is empty, and blank of the dreams and cannot remember much of them at all...
so just an encouragement for anyone who comes to read or looking for hope, keep pushing, keep fighting, never give up, focus on God, and keep looking to Him for youre strength and help.. never back down and don't let the enemy get you down , discouraged or keep you from feeling you cant get free and don't lose hope.. some times its small steps and things at a time that God works on to get us closer to Him , to remove from us and get us where we need to be..

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Post by uncertain » Tue Nov 10, 2015 10:10 am

Hi. I'm still here rather often.

I guess some of us have different needs and perhaps different paths, I was looking for a scripture but haven't yet found it to speak upon that, so I'll share it like this for now.

I myself am actually trying to remember my dreams, I'm trying to remember my nightmares, even 'losing' battles with what seemed like demons had me struggling to stay awake as I fought but gradually lost 'consciousness'.

I have things I could speak on such matters, but for now suffice so say I am enjoying the past, remembrance, flashbacks and the likes. Going through the pain, agony, torment and almost if not torturous suffering is like... something I am actually enjoying.

I had ringing in my ears and trying to get the demon/s causing it, well... I ended up waking up as one was stepping on me in my dreams. And managed to hold onto it with my hands (kinda) as I passed consciousness back into waking reality, and held onto it even as I woke...

...and it was rather violently dealt with...

...and the ringing in my ears finally stopped.

I also dealt with a lot of sleep paralysis one night, felt like a lot of demons were doing it. Was interesting as someone was telling me about sleep paralysis not long before.

A friend of hours got their miracle within minutes / hours of us praying about it too. We had shared about God in a chat room until nobody else was talking to us anymore, and some of final words on that were that we wanted a friend of ours to be healed before they die, but they seemed resigned to it.

Our friend got their miracle. They felt like they were dying the night before in church, barely able to raise their hands (they have been very hurt, sick, physically injured, even parts of their brain removed and cancers etc. Lots of medications).

The next day they woke up and felt amazing, and wrote a testimony on their Facebook.

Some days later we figured he may have woken up the same time as we said we wanted him healed before he dies...

Ah well...

But yeah, I'm fighting now. This even means demonic outbreaks in church (even Jay's last meetings)

We put a demon in pain some time ago, but stopped when they started crying out. This time we set fire to a demon and didn't stop, but kept raising the heat.

I'm not sure if it was even a minute before the demon left us. We weren't expecting that, and almost started laughing / giggling over it.

Seems like almost none of our 'friends' have the time to hear us out though, so we end up confessing our past and experiencing flashbacks as we confess to random (usually 'Christian') strangers on the internet. Some of our confessions are rather exposing ...

But yeah,

I guess I don't mind being a spectacle for God?

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