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Please help

Post by flyingeagle » Tue Mar 10, 2015 11:03 am

I have gone through deliverance session in the past and was rid of masturbation.
But after chatting with a girl on Facebook, I was careless to think I could stay strong. The chat was kind of hot and as a result I fell again in the sin of masturbation.

The problem is now as soon as I chat to another girl my hand automatically goes to my organ and start "playing" with it.

Can someone help me? How to close the door? What should I do?


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Post by AdamRS » Tue Mar 10, 2015 12:03 pm

Hi, flyingeagle :wave:
The problem is now as soon as I chat to another girl my hand automatically goes to my organ and start "playing" with it.
Bro, this is your "open door". If chatting with women is enticing you to fall back into temptation and sin, you've got to stay away from it for the time being and bring it to God in prayer.

And when in prayer, you've got to confront God and be completely honest, brutally honest if need be, with exactly what you're going through. He's merciful and faithful to forgive sins, yet we have to confess them to him and have a sincere desire to repent from them.

As for the demons, they do know full well what unconfessed/unrepentant sins we're involved in, as well as what temptations we're weak to (I know this all too well). Our responsibility is to focus on God and His Word (and not so much on the demonic) and to take the necessary measures to avoid being lured back into temptation. For me, it was avoiding websites that commonly had pics and video of scantily clad women.

By all means, respond back if you need any more encouragement or insight!
I asked the Lord one morning, "What can defeat them (demons)?". Immediately within my spirit, I felt the words "FAITH IN ME".

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Post by uncertain » Thu Mar 12, 2015 11:26 am


I'm still learning too.

I've was almost loosed of a lot of bad habits recently, but I've been put under a lot of stress and attacks and have fallen back into them for the moment.

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