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Post by stillGods » Tue Jul 22, 2014 9:41 am

Is it strange to think I see something out the corner of my eye sometimes when I go into a certain room?

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Post by AdamRS » Tue Jul 22, 2014 4:51 pm

Not at all!

stillGods, can you describe this room in more detail? Any history of occult involvement, or does it contain any suspicious objects?
I asked the Lord one morning, "What can defeat them (demons)?". Immediately within my spirit, I felt the words "FAITH IN ME".

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Post by stillGods » Tue Jul 22, 2014 7:29 pm

Thats whats strange -its the bathroom where the shower and bath are.

Its usually when I walk past or when I first go in, a couple of days ago when I walked in I sort of registered a figure behind the door. I have prayed about it. Its no other room in the house. I sort of ignore it.

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Post by AdamRS » Tue Jul 22, 2014 10:07 pm

I've just recently started reading a book recommended to be by Brim Billye called 'The Blood and the Glory. Already, I can tell it is a worthy addition to any believer's collection.

In this particular chapter I want to share, Billye talks about authoritatively claiming the Blood of Jesus and making a 'Blood Line' around one's property, person or loved one, etc.

Allow me to share some of this chapter:

Chapter 9: The Blood Line

God drew a Blood line—from Heaven to earth and back to Heaven.

Our question is: Can believers draw a Blood line?

In my quest after the place of the Blood of the Lamb as a primary weapon against the strategies of the enemy, I came across an amazing incident.

A minister and his wife, named Stevens, were conducting meetings in Canada in a large church. They had left their children at home in the southeastern part of the United States in the care of grandparents.

The Canadian meetings were inflicting great damage to the kingdom of darkness. Many were coming to new life in Jesus, and many were being set free from bondages of Satan.

Don Gossett gave the following account in his book Praise Avenue:

Because of this success, the devil became infuriated and began to torment Brother Stevens with the thought that he was going to kill the Stevens’ children.

Brother Stevens said, “Devil, you’re a liar! You cannot kill my children.”

To this, the devil seemed to say, “Oh, yes, I can, for I have put rabies upon the foxes in the woods adjoining your property.”

Immediately, Brother Stevens remembered the reports of friends who had seen foxes roaming on his land before he’d left Tennessee.

In simple childlike faith, Brother Stevens gathered together three other believers. Together they agreed in prayer, and by faith they drew a blood line of protection around the Stevens’ property...

A week later, Brother Stevens received a letter from his brother back in Tennessee.

He said, “Today I was out walking. I walked around the edge of your property. Lying on the boundary of your land I found five dead foxes. We had the heads examined and found they were all rabid.”

The foxes had dropped dead when they tried to cross the Blood line!

When Reverend Gossett heard this, he had his answer. For a long time thieves had been regularly breaking into his ministry office vandalizing and causing great devastation. The Gossetts installed security devices. They worked with police. Nothing stopped the intruders. Until...

“When I heard this story,” Don Gossett wrote, “I decided to draw a Blood line...I called my wife and family together. By faith, we drew a Blood line around our offices. That was in 1969. We’ve never had a break-in at our offices since.”

Is there a Bible basis for drawing a Blood line?

Decidedly yes!


Honor the Blood

The Holy Spirit brought to my attention a wonderful tract I highly recommend. Still in print today, it was written by W. B. Young, a leader at Keswick, who qualifies as one of our old-timers. It is entitled Honor the Blood.

Reverend Young began with how Satan tries to break down the spiritual and physical life of the saint of God. He stated:

There is no saint, weak or strong, who goes unnoticed by the Destroyer.

“Soulish ingenuity” Reverend Young emphasized is no match for satanic strategy. “The strongest efforts of resistance will crumble under the force of hell’s fury when met by any other way than God’s way.”

Then through an excellent teaching Reverend Young expounded upon God’s way.

There must be a personal application of the blood of Christ in order to stem the tide of spiritual destruction in the life of the child of God. It was said of Moses that, “Through faith he kept the passover, and the sprinkling of [the] blood, lest he that destroyed the firstborn should touch them” (Hebrews 11:28 ).

It is a personal matter.

“The blood shall be to you for a token” (Exodus 12:13).

“When I see the blood, I will pass over you” (Exodus 12:13).

The blood, applied by sprinkling, was all that was required for peace of mind and rest of heart. It took away all fear of the destroying angel. It was not mere interest in the blood, nor belief in its power, nor appreciation of its worth that availed. It was the applied blood that counted. Truth was translated into action.

So it is with the blood of the Lord Jesus. It is effective against satanic floods when applied by faith. A proper application of His blood to a given situation, if the believer is operating from a cleansed position, always brings deliverance. It never fails...

As God built a hedge around Job, which limited Satan, so today He will do the same for any child of God who applies the blood to a given situation. The blood is the hedge that stops the Destroyer.

We will come back to this tract in a later chapter when we consider just how to apply the Blood of Jesus to the “given situations” in life today. But first we must consider in some detail another account from the Bible.

[Billye, Brim (2010-08-10). Blood and the Glory. Harrison House LLC. Kindle Edition.]


Making such a 'Blood Line' around your bathroom -- and even property, would send whatever is hovering around packing. Hope this information helps!
I asked the Lord one morning, "What can defeat them (demons)?". Immediately within my spirit, I felt the words "FAITH IN ME".

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Post by uncertain » Fri Jul 25, 2014 11:00 am


I think I remember like... seeing someone in a certain place, but then finding out it was just objects or shadows or 'nothing'. Happened on multiple occasions in the same place.

Also remembering in church once, we formed a circle and someone (who seemed new) there said something like it was to keep out the devil, and...
I ended up noticing something behind us 'in the corner of my eye' kinda. Imagined like a black shadow or figure. Then the person beside me on that side turns around like they had been tapped on the shoulder.

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