How to handle being 'silenced' in dreams.

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How to handle being 'silenced' in dreams.

Post by AdamRS » Thu Jun 19, 2014 7:43 pm

(just had this dream. I'll try to be as vivid as possible in the details, in the chance someone can interpret this).

In my dream, I was laying on a green foldout couch inside what appeared to be a small, dark cramped store located in what appeared to be a busy downtown area. In in front of me was a big screen TV that had a weather report playing. Located directly behind this couch was the front door leading outside (it appeared to have a business hours sign attached to it). Suddenly, I notice a man walks into a store, smiling and saying 'hi'. I respond in kind.

Then immediately, in the Spirit, I notice something wrong. This isn't a man, as his outside demeanor resembles more of a leprechaun -- abnormally wide mouth, red feathered hair, and eyes which were entirely crystalline blue with no whites. It's a demon, and the demon knows I know! Momentarily bewildered, it says "Oh, sh--!" and immediately exits the store, fleeing outside.

I follow in pursuit, determined to command it to enter the abyss. I'm now outside in the bustling downtown area. I notice the demon as it enters the passenger side of a vehicle (someone else is driving). I attempt the speak the command "Enter the pit in Jesus name!" but I'm unable to open my mouth! My lips are somehow sealed as I'm able to muffle the words, and even think them out loud in my mind, but to no avail. The vehicle takes off down the crowded road as I follow behind on foot, still determined to get the those condemning words out. Disappointingly, the dream ends before I could recover.

Has anyone ever had a case where they were "silenced", as if something cast a spell that prevented you from opening your mouth to speak? This demon KNEW the jig was up (immediately perceived it when I became aware of its true identity) and didn't attempt to stick around.

Hope this new testimony encourages everyone out there! Once you start growing in your authority in Jesus Christ, the demons notice, and shudder! The tables are turned, and now they are on the run. Amen! :clapping:
I asked the Lord one morning, "What can defeat them (demons)?". Immediately within my spirit, I felt the words "FAITH IN ME".

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