Children and Demons

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Children and Demons

Post by michel67 » Thu Jun 02, 2011 2:33 pm

How do demons affect children and make them react and behave?
Is it the same as they affect adults?

My daughter has changed over the past many months, she isnt my same sweet little girl, shes only 9 and has temper tantrums, whines, throws things, screams at her brother , uses swear words, slams the door, says not nice things, even to me, is having bad dreams, i heard her early this morning in her sleep and its almost every night now that it happens and even n the day. She used to tell me she would see dark figures in the room at night, just standing there and would have nightmares , waking up crying and saying, mommy and i couldnt get her to stop crying and lay back down. Shes afraid to even sleep in my bedroom for she is afraid of it and says something is in there after her brother , her and i heard the closet door shake several years ago.
Her brother who is 6 years older , some times does the same, or similar, or worse . She has observed him through the years and observed myself. My oldest son doesnt have these issues though had some years ago . He used to get upset and about 6 years or so ago made a statement that he would cut all our heads off in the middle of the night while we were all sleeping because he was mad,, scared my daughter so much she was afraid to go to sleep. He has shot his brother in the back with a bb gun and left a mark a few years ago and hit him in the head with a ball bat and left a mark. But hes somewhat better now .
I have been praying over my daughter and trying to do what i can whe she gets like this and feel like crying and feel in a state of panic when i see her and how she behaves. I feel alot of it is my fault and letting it all come to this and them observing me and seeing me through the years. My husbund doesnt see the spiritual warfare aspect or act on it , demons have him blinded to seeing and from acting and using any authority.
please pray for her

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Post by jtkenya » Thu Jun 02, 2011 10:06 pm

Yes children can be effected just as adults can be the devil is no respecter of person. While working in day care I would see same thing happen all the time- the sweetest child acting up I found that praying over them and anointing them with oil often worked of course covering them in the blood of JESUS. Worship music also helped them and soon saw the sweet child back again. Children often are not taught how to defend themselves against this kind of stuff and need to be taught.

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Post by irishstout1 » Fri Jun 03, 2011 4:51 am

hi, you are right about authority they are your children and you can take authority , Speak the blood of Jesus over them everyday and night , speak words of life over them, have christian music playing around them day and night, read words of scripture over them, ----- close all open doors of unforgiveness break all generational curses, cry out to God for he will not forsake you nor abandon you or your family. ask Gods angels to watch over your children night and day and to protect them as they sleep and to minister to them during the day.Pray for your husband ! Bind up the enemy in your families life in Jesus name, Amen!!!

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