Marine Spirits and Supernatural Cities Under the Sea

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Marine Spirits and Supernatural Cities Under the Sea

Post by river of mercy » Sun Aug 16, 2009 5:23 pm

Marine Spirits Under the Sea and Supernatural Cities Under the Sea, Bermuda Triangle -- from PRweb site 3-08.
~ It may not be very important in the 'grand scheme' of things (like being sure of one's salvation), but I would like to know if these "marine spirits under the sea" and the "supernatural cities" are for real. It sounds like science fiction, but, even though very few people believe they are real, I think that they ARE.
~ I know that my father (a devout Believer and servant of Christ) laughs at the idea of the above mentioned.
~ NOW is no time for any true believer to be slacking off when there are so many unseen enemies to be on guard against. Abiding in the Word of God, and pleading the Blood of Jesus Christ are absolute necessities! I did not even know many of these critical things (true repentence, etc.) myself a couple years ago. I thank GOD for revealing them to me.


Post by Jewels » Sun Aug 16, 2009 6:59 pm

]Yes in my heart i believe there are deep cavernous underground cities deep within the sea.
I don't know much about them. Hardly anything at all really. But i have heard a testimony of a man who has come out deep saten worship in a African nation that has have testified of this,
There is are two sites[ I think called ' Insights of God"OR " Divine Revelations (Face to face encounters with Jesus Christ)" that u can go to that tells of a man w whose name i think is Immanuel. He was deep in satanic witchcraft and came out of it and says YES there is a city deep inside the sea that can be accessed by humans through the supernatural. He said this is part of where Sat-ens kingdom is.
You should read his story. If u have trouble finding it ill see if i can find the link. Its fascinating and i believe he is telling the truth.
That ALONE WITH THE ODD THINGS IN THE SEA THAT GO ON.. huge WAVES COMING OUT OF NOWHERE,,,, HORRID STORMS coming up suddenly that kill people in boats and aircraft's that Are never seen again,,, odd lights...ect... Something is going on and it has the feel of a deep supernatural element.
There have been others that have seen tunnel like clouds in the sky over the Bermuda triangle and got out of it by the Grace of God,,,and lived to tell about if anyone will believe them.
Also of course there's the old myths of mermaids and cities under the sea.... I don't believe that pure imagination. Think on the great books we have today that are considered master pieces such as " Gone with The Wind: Or 'The Grapes of Wrath".... based on aspects of truth....
I have been in deliverance and in that we have dealt with water and mermaid spirits. I don't think they are actual living flesh and blood creatures but are of the demonic supernatural realm....... On that same site or one very much like it talks about such things. These sites are not new age BUT CHRISTIAN BASED. Immanuel IS A CHRISTIAN NOW.
Also the ocean is very deep... and it could lead to deep caverns and caves that go deep within the belly of the earth. So deep man cannot reach it..
Therese a little known story of legendary deep sea diver "Cousteau ""brother i believe or brother in law who had a horrible experience wile scuba diving. Its online. Of course it could be a urban legend but my gut tells me its true. I have only found a little of the story as its something that seems has been kept quiet but has made its way to the internet, He heard some things that frightened him real bad.... ill try to find that link to.

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Post by nautical999 » Sun Aug 16, 2009 7:57 pm

i would have to look up the verses i am going to mention but will state that they are out of the bible where stated

Most bible scholars believe in the fact of two world floods a preadamic flood and noahs flood. the preadamic flood is when the angels that faught against the angels of God were defeated and the city that was on earth that they lived in was destroyed, because of there sin. In the old testament it references this city as made of gold and many precious jewels. The description of this city is similar to the description of the lost city of Atlantis. Also to point out that the angels did inhabit this city is the fact that the bible says that satan and his angels ascended for the fight against Gods angels that means they would have had to start at a lower altitude (earth) to ascend into heaven. Then were thrown down. another thing to think about is this, I believe it's Leviathon that is chained in the bottom of the ocean most likely chained to the streets of this lost city.
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Post by Jewels » Sun Aug 16, 2009 8:21 pm

Yes,, i agree with nautical... i cant prove it but i have a strong hunch this lost Atlantis is probably the first earth that Lucifer took over in his scheme to overthrow God in the first flood.
Much of it was probably destroyed on the earth but there is evidence coming forth that some ruins can still be found in Peru, But more under ocean remains may still be intake .......
This probably a piece of a very large puzzle.

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Post by jtkenya » Sun Aug 16, 2009 8:26 pm

I myself am a scuba diver who goes out just about every weekend and have experianced spiritual warfare myself while diving. There are at times when an unnatural fear that would just about paralize me and panic would try to set in. I also discovered that after rebuking the spirit of fear the best I can out loud with a regulator stuck in my mouth it would leave and would be able to continue on with my dive. The ocean is the one place that my mind starts to play tricks on me--more than on land. Oddly enough they do teach us in the classes that we do need to be alert and not to allow our minds to play tricks on us. It is a beutiful ocean that God has made and has spoken and shown me some things while down there. I also beleive though that there are spirits that do rule the waters and each time before going under I covor myself in the blood and pray protection not just upon myself but also those who I am diving with. I


Post by Jewels » Tue Aug 18, 2009 12:56 am

I'm going to try to find that story...... its a little scary and frightened this man,,, bad ,,but its in line with the thread....
Yes,,, its is wise to cover oneself with the blood of Jesus if going deep sea diving... and ask Gods angels to accompany you.
I myself fear the ocean. I have some viking background that deliverance unearthed some stuff that may be a root why im scared of the open sea and large waves,,,,I'm also fascinated by the sea nd am trying to decorate my bathroom in sea decor..
But i LOVE the beach..... as long as im on land.... and on the sand... i could live by the sea the rest of my life! :razz:

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Post by jtkenya » Tue Aug 18, 2009 1:40 am

I find the sea a great whitnessing tool and have been wanting to start up an outreach to fellow divers as it is well needed but don't know where to even start-- I do have my pastors covoring in this project--that at least is a start. Most of the divers I talk to say that the ocean is their church and beleive in atheism, angnosticism, humanism and any other religion you can think of--some don't beleive in anything at all. The sad thing is that out of the three years of diving I haven't ran into any diver who is a fellow beleiver. There are times when I am able to speak to them as the next dive could be the last dive but those times are rare and need to be sly about whitnessing to them but beleive that they are receiving something. Also being a single woman it is tough as most of the divers are men but have a deep and great respect for me and now respected through the local dive community by both men and woman in my area--that is through the favor of God and see it as an open door! I don't know much about the other beleifs but am wondering is it possable that some of the hardness that I see in these people could be a mixture of things both of their beleif and water spirits that might try to deceive and confuse their minds from hearing the word of God?
I to have decorated my bathroom with the under the sea theme using my dad's and my uncles old dive gear as decorations. I love it and is a hit when people come by.


Post by Jewels » Tue Aug 18, 2009 10:30 am

Im trying that but like the bedroom on Green acres it never seems done..
I did a underwater Murial, on my bathroom door ,have sea shells.,,,,and other sea .beach memorabilia even from the Great lakes.
The Murial got me into trouble though as i painted a evil portal in it thinking i was innocently making a cave for a octopus to live in. Through Deliverance ministry i learned this was making my bathroom a open door to the demonic and closed the hole off....with a big Rock with it written in red paint " Jesus the Rock of our salvation!: scripture in the water...
But im still keeping the seashells and the general theme.i, just going to be more wise about my murals... Now i see how dumb it was to put a black cave hole on my water under the ocean........ going right to Sunken Atlantis..?
How dumb could i have been! :o

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Post by demoncasterouter » Tue Aug 18, 2009 5:02 pm

Yes, the "City Under the Sea" is a place within the spirit realm, associated and located near the "lost city of Atlantis" in the natural as well. Nothing but a demonic and dangerous place. Most cults and tribes in Africa are well aquainted with it.
"And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give." THIS is what I was born to do.


Post by Jewels » Tue Aug 18, 2009 10:50 pm

So i say 'Atlantis" is basically the angelical city built and destroyed by God and whats left is in the sea and is what men call Atlantis......
I wonder why the name is called Atlantis?

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Post by nautical999 » Wed Aug 19, 2009 4:15 am

ok i have researched the best i can to find the verses that i was referring to.
the ones i thought they were was Ezekial 28:11-19. but after more research i was able to find a reference to seven mountains of precious stones it is not in the cannonitical books but is in 1 enoch 18:6-11. then in 1 enoch 19:1 it states that in the midst of these mountains stands the angels that mingled with the women of Genesis.
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Post by Jewels » Wed Aug 19, 2009 10:22 pm

Yes i agree,,, i do believe they indeed did.... but they may have others ways of getting in and messing with the DNA...but i do believe there were some that went all the way and took it upon themselves to use their own bodies.
I believe this one of the reasons why the earth was destroyed by water,,because of these sins and the hybrids they bred.
But i believe in the gap theory that a world existed before man was made. Earth was already here and angels lived here and came and went. It was a universe inhabited by the Godhead and his angels.
But of course Lucifer declared war on God when he tried to upserp him and i believe the earth was destroyed and layed in ruins possibly millions of years... That civilization made with angelical hands may have been Atlantis,,with part of it now under the sea.
Its a p[possibility... i cant prove it..... and of course the bible does not speak of Atlantis. But the gap theory can explain how there may have been a Atlantis and gives it a plausible explanation where this myth came from.

Plato was told about Atlantis by his uncle i think named 'Solos" Solos went to Egypt and spoke to people there ..i think maybe the Priests who told them of this place that came to be known as Atlantis ( this is before i think the Library in Egypt was burned down)/
I think like writers even today Plato heard the story.... and then took what he heard from his uncle and made up a fictional tale. So i don't think we can take everything Plato said about Atlantis on Face value anymore them we can Margret Mitchell on the civil war in 'Gone withe The Wind".
I think Plato may have taken the real story with him to the grave and what we know is this tale which i think had some of his own imagination mixed in with some truths.
This is where and how people may be getting on these bunny trails in trying to find it and coming up with more questions then answers.
My opinion now... Just my own ideas.....i don't have the last word on the subject its just what im thinking and starting to strongly suspect on where this " Atlantis" thing is all about... In other words i don't think its purely myth and may be the 'city under he sea" where demons and water spirits live...

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Post by turgh » Sun Aug 23, 2009 9:18 am

In relationship to marine spirits, John Eckhardt has done a comprehensive study of the scriptures and has written a couple of books on the subject. I don't know if it's acceptable to post urls so I won't do that.

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Post by Godschild » Sun Aug 23, 2009 3:45 pm

turgh wrote:In relationship to marine spirits, John Eckhardt has done a comprehensive study of the scriptures and has written a couple of books on the subject. I don't know if it's acceptable to post urls so I won't do that.
No, it is against forum rules to post URLs, but you can post book titles. :smile:

GOD IS limited only by those limitations which we, as human beings, place upon Him. GOD, HIS POWER, His love, and His forgiveness are limitless.
~Man shall not live by bread alone, but by EVERY word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

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Post by jtkenya » Sun Aug 23, 2009 7:41 pm

A little testamony concerning an earlier post on this thread. This morning I had a dive (services were cancled this morning for the afternoon--I was not skipping :) )and remembered this thread I began to bind and rebuke every mind binding spirit taht would hinder the guys from receiving the Word amd covoring myself and them in the Blood. On th way down to our dive I silently play a sermon from the church and one of the guys began to ask questions! On the way back he brought up an event from a few days ago. While diving in our favriot dive spot he found a jar with a lemon and 7 pins stuck into it and with it was a paper. He opened it when he got back to shore just thinking it was nightcrawlers. I wasn't for sure but sounded like witchcraft and told him what I thought it was. Sure enough he said that he did do research on the internet about it and found out it was and kind of freaked him out and thought about searching for deliverance but was not sure. Did tell him not to go to a pshycic or any one else other than a christian church and told him about my church if he feels he needs it (claims to be saved but fallen back). Of course this gave me a chance to speak to him about comming back to Christ! He said he was not ready but I was able to tell he was thinking. The other guy also was thinking by the time I droped them off. The first guy asked so many questions concerning the Bible, end times and the church. It was deffently a wow momment for me that finaly there has been a break through into the dive community. It also shows me more and more that no matter where we are we must covor ourselves in teh Blood of Jesus. It was a God moment

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