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Post by Applesauce » Thu Jul 31, 2008 4:58 am

I will post details later lol..It's nearly 1am here. I wanted to point some things out though...

1 - Just like Debbie122, my friend saw Jesus during the final part of his deliverance and. Jesus hugged him and said it was going to be ok.

2 - Now my friend has this strange gift. He is able to tell whats going on with people by looking at them.Today in church he told me I was having issues with my brother, my brother is pushing me and seeing how far he can go, he is ignoring me..HOW DOES HE KNOW? I never told him anything about my brother and I's relationship.

Little feedback here pls?
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Post by gabby247771 » Thu Jul 31, 2008 1:57 pm

Hi Applesauce!!
I too seen alot during my deliverance,,,but my girl on the other hand,,suddenly was able to see other things going on with other ppl...we were in the store,,and she said mom,,i feel for that little lady there ..I said why Honey>>>?? she said because her husband just died and she is grieving,,and I can feel her saddness,,,I said ok,,,and then got to the ck out and she said mom,,the lady at the register her husband is bad to her,,( I know tha lady her husband is a satanist) I said ok honey,,and we went and talked about it ..we prayed about it,,and it had left now,,because,,,as God DOES truely gives us gifts..hers was not from God..we had to test it ..pray about it to be sure,,and now it is gone,..but when you get gifs from God,,the question isnt HOW they are able to do things,,,it is just a supernatural gift,,unexplainable sometimes,,and if someone truely gets a gift of God,,God has given it for a reason..
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Post by Applesauce » Fri Aug 01, 2008 11:21 pm

Thanks Gabby :)

I will definitely pray about it then..I is sort of odd.
Today was the tomorrow you worried about yesterday :P

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Post by matorzok » Sat Aug 02, 2008 1:06 am

your supposed to pray for those people when god tells you whats going on in their lives,i believe it's called discernment one of the gifts god gives us,it's been happening to me for years ,it's usually people i've never seen in my life before ,but sometimes it's with people i know
yours in christ mark

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Post by landfire » Fri Aug 15, 2008 5:10 am

Mediums are able to receive such kinds of knowledge telepathycally through their (demonic) spirit guides ..... We must use caution not to be open to demonic spirits.

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Post by AriBunny » Fri Aug 15, 2008 8:59 am

matorzok wrote:your supposed to pray for those people when god tells you whats going on in their lives
Yep, that's it. When I get chest pains I pray for the people I know with heart problems, same for asthma, etc etc... I hurt when the people I am praying for hurt. It's odd, I'm a called intercessor and a watchman, but the gifts for ME are for when I am praying for people. I take them on when God tells me to take them on, and let them go when God says my time is through... (unless they're MY family) but during the standing in the gap period for them the way God works IN ME is that the warfare comes THROUGH me first before it hits them, so I know how to pray... I hurt/have pain/ feel emotions the same as the people I pray for, it's God's way of letting me feel what they are going through and a TRUE "bearing of each other's burdens" and that way God tells me EXACTLY what they need..but like I said, it's USUALLY only for the people that I am standing in the gap for at THAT period of time... it's the calling of the Armour bearer, that gift was imparted to me from another true Armour bearer... and while I was in Texas with Jay going through deliverance, I was also one of he and his family's Armour-bearers for a short duration and God lead me to see and pray for MANY various kinds of attacks there. It's God's gift, not mine, and for SURE not demonic in any way. When I get something I immediately pray about it, and lol, if it WAS satan, hahah he KNOWS I'll pray about it, so I would think that he'd want me NOT to know these things. =]

Standing in the gap for people is a WONDERFUL thing, but you have to be VERY VERY careful to bind backlash and retaliation in Jesus name, and be on your guard all of the time. Not ONLY that, but GOD tells me who to pray for and the duration, if I go and stand in the gap for someone that God has NOT called me for it only wears me down and places me where God DOESN'T want me at that time, so I learn to discern His voice and take on ONLY What he gives me.

There's praying for people, and then there's intercession, and then there's a gift of standing in the gap fighting for the person's (or family's) life, spiritually and physically, and the latter is the function that God has ME in. Sometimes it ROCKS HARD, cos you get to see God actively working... QUICK and others it's SO physically and emotionally draining it hurts, like if they're lost, you feel EVERY EMOTION they feel, and that's how you know how to pray, cos God gives it to you like that...

Hope that answered your question and didn't bore you to tears... lol.

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