Im being stalked - illuminatti, masonic

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Im being stalked - illuminatti, masonic

Post by mitty » Thu Mar 20, 2014 5:02 am

hi, im back. I didn't check my messages in a while

here is the situation. I have a new situation that ive been dealing with and suffering from for a few yrs.

as I wrote here around early 2009 I was diagnosed with a serious infection/illness. it didn't go away but I got it under control mostly by now.

its difficult to talk about. i remember going to the emergency room in april of 2010 and a week or so after i got out of the hospital i was still not well and often delirous from the infection/neurological trouble.

i was nervous one day and i went out at night to go sit in a book store /café

it was open late and closed about 11pm. i sat there at the café and looked at books but i was drowsy and not feeling well, chills , joint pain etc and delirious.

the book store closed, and i shouldn't have been out that day if i wasn't well but i was there anyways. the store closed about 11pm. this is new York city so many stores are opened later.

i went to sit in the mcdonalds down the street because nothing else was open and i noticed a homeless man outside the mcdonalds asking people for money, so i felt bad for the homeless person and i got up to go get change from the counter to give to the homeless person

i waited in line and got the change and by the time i got to the door the homeless man was gone and walked away. so i decided to walk to a different store nearby and use the phone to go home

a few minutes later in the doorway of another store, a customer and their family showed up with a large black colored dog and they left the dog at the vestibule area of the store while they went to buy things

a few minutes later my stalker showed up. ill explain about him because this is important.

so this is some man who ive met a few times before, he is an acquaintance who i introduced myself to years before. so he remembers me and what my name is etc

i live in nyc so theres many famous people here who people might see or run into.

i have some relatives of mine who have worked in the music industry and who know some big time celebrities that are on tv shows and magazines.

i have an older sibling who once worked at mtv studios and got to interview famous singers and go to free concerts.

i kind of followed her path and listened to top 20 songs and music singers and went to all type of concerts. i even joined band fan clubs and won meet and greets at concerts sometimes

around my birthday when i turned 21 i won a contest to interview one of my favorite bands out there. so i met them at the concert and was able to conduct an interview and photograph the show

they even waved to me later on in the venue when they remembered me from earlier and at other concerts the band remembered me i guess my name basis

but i don't know them well. it is an acquaintance

anyways so the man who walked past me into the store was a band member from this band and he recognized me there. it was me, the famous singer from the band, and like 3-5 other customers

there was me delirous from my infection and i was standing by the black colored dog and then the dog jumped up into the air and i was going hysterical laughing like a maniac

and freaked out that one of my favorite singers was at the store too. i could not process what was going on in the 20 seconds.

but i was focused on going home and the store was about to close it was 12am midnight on april 20th that is the end of the airies sign and beginning of the Taurus sign.

i wonder if there is any evil involved with this or witchcraft?

because why at a certain time and end of atrology sign . that is something that pagans think of

they do certain spells at certain time and day and moon

anyways the famous singer walked out of the store and recognized me and i wasn't able to speak to him because i had problems speaking and conducting myself because i was delirious and needed to go home and was not feeling well

my phone rang and someone picked me up in the car and i ran to the car

after that hell rose from earth. i got home thinking nothing was going on

and 2 days later i checked the bands webpage because was curious because i ran into the famous celebrity singer, who i used to listen to
and was wondering what the band is up to

on their webpage they posted an updated video telling everyone to go see them at some talk show in nyc later that week. in the video they zoomed in on a cartoon dog, and the singer said to everyone as a joke in the video to bring your dog.

that is when this guy began targeting me. he knew the dog was at the store and the dog caused a scene and he used that phrase to get my attention. i think it was to tell me to meet him at the talk show later in the week

instead i was home and my health got worse and i became homebound

but i was confused like why is this guy trying to get my attention with the video.

he is married and has kids so i was wondering and had no idea. it seemed strange but i had other things to worry about.

someone else mentioned to me that he likes me and wanted to get my attention.

anyways the band went on tour that summer and i wasn't able to go to any shows but they did this live stream event thing , where they filmed live from each stop on the tour. and in those videos i watched some of them they kept making references about me such as saying my old fanclub screen name out loud and other things such as my name and other odd things. trying to get my attention

anyways within months i started to get strange activity on my computer. someone hacked into my computer and was cyber stalking me. im a homebound disabled person and have no friends so there is only one person who is focused on me

the person began to follow me into chat rooms and social media sites to talk to me under fake names to trick me.

then eventually he hinted out who he is. he typed to me in a chat room one day that "its me the guy from the store that time and the dog was there and your phone rang and i wanted you to talk to me and you left instead"

so he identified that it was him and that he hacked my computer and cyberstalked me. no one else was there who else knew about the store situation? no one else was there

he kept ,makingfakescreen names to get me to talk to him. he kept asking me to go on webcam and sent him pictures and i didn't. he said he loves me and wants me to marry him

he was typing strange stuff.

i think he rerouted the ip so i can not trace who it is....

and he began to write and record songs about me. and he made up lies about me.

he would make fake accusations about me. and then he said to me that he is not only hacking my computer and seeing everything i type online. he would tell me what websites i visited,what i searched for under google, what was in my email, he knew which screen name and password was mine even when i changed the names and password

he said he can listen to my cell phone and he reapated to me conversations that i had on the cell phone with my parents. i had tape over my webcam and he would describe to me how i look that day, what color shirt, what kind of shoes etc

he said he can see me inside my home and hear me. he would repeat to me things i said to family members and personal information about my family

so basically this famous celebrity singer has been stalking me online and watching and listening to me for almost 4 yrs.

he said he can see and hear me. he would say something like go clean the bathroom next door it is messy. because that was a few minutes after a toilet overflowed and the bathroom floor was a mess and i didn't clean that up yet and he typed to me after that , that he can see that m,y bathroom is messy and to clean that up

he is able to see inside my home and hear everything i say

i even said something out loud to myself in the backyard one time and later that day he pmed me and told me what i said in the backyard

how would he know that? maybe there was a van on the street with spy gear listening to me? or maybe i am microchipped who knows

he said to me he has military connections and can see through the walls in my home and hear me from electromagnetic spy beams, micro wave beams he said that can see and hear through walls

i have no idea if that is true or what types of things they use to spy on people. i got worried and checked around the house for cameras and didn't see any

but i don't know how he is able to watch me. he told me personal details about me that no one can know such as court and medical record

maybe he hired a personal investigator to find out everything

anyways this is a big time famous celebrity singer, he goes to talk shows he has been to the grammys and mtv awards and sold millions of albums around the world.

so i am worried and do not want to be involved with a famous person. that itself is embarrassing and i am still starstruck. but also he is a famous celebrity and he is involved in the illuminatti and has many connections in Hollywood in the illuminatti. he is a satan worshipper and a mason.

i think he might have sacrified human lives to become famous. i don't know what they do in Hollywood but i have heard theories where they will kill a friend or family of the celebrity to do a ritual sacrifice for fame. or sometimes they will kidnap a random person at the masonic kill and kill a strange person to sacrifice

so i don't know how that works. but i believe that the music industry and most famous people are involved with evil and some type of devil worship

i have seen youtube videos about it and it makes sense

i listened to some of this guys songs and when you listen to them and know what to look for you can hear things in the lyrics that don't sound right, things that sound satanic to influence

i found a few songs that are written about people they could have killed or atleast about people who passed away

and looking back that sounds odd.

another thing is this famous guy whos been stalking me is married and he showed interest to me. so maybe he is involved with demon worship and is associated with an adultery demon because he has ideas in his mind to harras someone who is not his wife

he is obsessed over me. he asked me to meet him and i did not. he found out what gym membership i signed up for and he decided to make a concert event across the street from the gym he knew i go to.

and i didn't go to that concert. and he asked me to meet him there and i did not

recently he has been typing death threats to me online, claiming he will get me killed because i didn't marry him. he is saying he will hire someone to kill me.

he has done enough harm

he is saying that he cant live without me and that i ruined his life by not marrying him and he has said many death threats and saying he will see me in the afterlife and other threatening things

he said he cannot stop thinking about me and wants to get revenge

he has spied on me and terrorized me for yrs. he is a satan worshipper and is psychopathic

he does not care that he was picking on someone who has their own troubles

he wrote embarrassing songs about me and put them on the album and played the songs live in many countries. it is terrible

he made up lies about me.

i think he is delusional and dangerous

if he is a celebrity who is in the illuminatti then he probably knows people who kill people and get away with that. like those celebrities they find dead of drug overdoses etc.
he thinks he is above the law

he says he is certain he will get me killed. he is confident that i wont be alive

he says im worthless

i told him to leave me alone and stop harassing me online. and he typed to me that he wants to chop my head off.

i told him to go away and get a hobby and go visit a museum instead of sit at the computer and harass me

well 2 days later the famous singer guy whos been stalking me visits a taxidermy museum and becomes a board member there for some reason. they work with dead animals there.

he took a photo next to a dead animal with deer heads on the wall with the antlers behind him and he had the photo posted on instagram

that was 2 days after i told him online to go to a museum instead of bother me, like he is outing himself to prove to me its him with photo

then he said to me online a few weeks later some type of weird joke that he saw me at a tire repair shop. even tho im homebound and do not go out anywhere.

a few days later on the instagram in the twitter account i see a photo of him with his band he is in standing at a tire store shop infront of like 50 tires behind them

they are trying to out themselves and prove to me who it is , but why?

maybe they are saying they can kill me no matter what and it dosnt matter if people know what they are doing because they believe they are above the law if they are illuminati

he claimed he had military connections

why is he doing that with the pictures?????

he said to me he will get someone to kill me and make it look like a suicide

so this is some crazy and dangerous person, he is delusional and probably psychotic and a pathological liar and connected to A list stars in Hollywood in the illuminati

so he has ways to get people killed.

and he is watching me and hearing me in my own home and knows everything i do and when and where i go to

he tells me online these things about me about where i went what i did what i talk about on my cell phone

what should i do?

because i am a young person and i should live to be an elderly 90 something yr old and i don't want this famous celebrity to end up harming or killing me or one of my family members

if this is illuminati then the local police might not know what to do

and i do not want to be associated with a mason or member of the illuminatti. i believe in god and don't want to know any devil worshipper or pagan

what should i do? how do i stay safe, i don't know what they can do

what ways have they targeted people? i know there is something similar called gangstalking but i know who my stalker is and that he is angry at me

another thing is this guy has been doing much worse things then i mentioned. i can explain the other details after.

i don't know why he posed for a photo with dead animals but i reasearched that the mob /the mafia uses dead animals to symbolize that they are going to kill you or a warning that you are next

his favorite movie is the godfather according to what he has said

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Post by AdamRS » Thu Mar 20, 2014 8:21 am

Mitty, it's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Adam and I am a recent new member here on these forums.

It, indeed, sounds like this famous singer is deep into the occult (Satanism, Illuminati, etc.). It's also apparent to me that he's demon possessed and has allowed those influences into his life.

What is your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ? He will protect you from ALL demon spirits and influences - His power is greater than that of Satan and his army.

I will be praying in intercession for you, as well for this famous singer. If you are saved, then as a Christian you have COMPLETE authority to cast out every demon spirit sent to you - provided they have no legal grounds against you.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, may the blood of Christ cover you and your residence THIS INSTANT.


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Post by michel67 » Tue Aug 12, 2014 11:51 pm

Hello Mitty, I just noticed youre post.. Good to see you back .. I am in agreement with Adam.. If you are a child of God, if you have a relationship with Jesus, are serving Him, and living for Him, there is no reason to fear any threats from this person, or live in fear.. Jesus is stronger than satan, these Satanists, the demons, the occult.. Go to Jesus each day in prayer, if you already are not, cry out to Him to let this singer know that you are not afraid, and to abandon any further attempts at contacting you.. Ask Jesus to cover youre doors, youre walls, youre computer, phone, bed, bathroom, youre floors, every area of youre home with His blood, and know you are protected.. You need not be afraid.. If they continue stalking and harassing you let him know you are a child of God and you are protected and you are not afraid and Jesus blood protects you.. Perhaps if you mention the blood of Jesus this person will back off and if he is filled with demons those demons will know you mean business.. Mitty, If you do not have a relationship with Jesus, that is the beginning, and where to start, and Jesus will change everything for you ..
Please keep in touch here and let everyone know how you are, and how it is going.. You came back for a reason, and everyone here is here to pray for you and help out in any way they can..

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