Holy Communion Stirs Up the Demonic

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Holy Communion Stirs Up the Demonic

Post by Rescuer » Tue Dec 13, 2011 2:06 am

My brothers and sisters in Jesus the King,

I'm writing to you from a hotel room in Giddings, Texas where just an hour or so ago pastor James Beason and I were viciously physically attacked by extremely strong evil spirits that controlled a 27 year old man that had been victimized by the Sons of Satan cult. To set the background allow me to go back to about a year ago.

A mother and father from a small town of Giddings, located in Central Texas, contacted me back in October of 2010 concerned about their 26 year old son who had been hearing voices, experiencing horrific infirmities, and severely afflicted by demonic powers. They had been members of a very traditional Baptist Church and were faithful in their service to the church. They had brought up their children in the church however this particular church never taught on the realities of spiritual warfare and our authority that we have by virtue of our relationship with Jesus Christ. Thus the hidden demons that had been within their children for years were never exposed or expelled until recently when the demons suddenly decided to become more visible in their attacks. At that point in desperation Corey's parents sought out somebody who would intervene.

By the grace of God they stumbled upon our ministry and we intervened. We invited them to attend our 2010 Pre-Halloween Public Deliverance Service in Cedar Hill, Texas. Our meeting room was jammed packed with desperate people needing liberation from the demonic from among the crowd was Corey and his parents. Very violent spirits manifested within those in the meeting and many demonic spirits were commanded out in Jesus name! We were able to minister to Corey but we knew this would not be the last we would see of him.

Fast forward a year. After multiple meetings with this family where literally hundreds of thousands of demons have been exorcised, thousands of dissociative identities have been healed and Corey strengthened we have now come upon the strongest of the spirits that remain within his body. Not only are they strong they are also VIOLENT! They have assaulted the mother and father and now they have assaulted us.

Earlier this morning, at 3am, we were down to perhaps to only 20 dissociative parts, out of more then 4,000 parts, that needed to be healed. Many more demons were cast out and God's healing power rested upon Corey. This only means that the enemy is badly wounded and would counter attack, furious with our resolve to rescue our dear brother in Christ. We had another meeting with Corey this afternoon and many more demons were expelled and were able to rescue the last remaining parts of his broken hearts. They were healed. Many of these parts were deaf, mute, and blind. God healed them and integrated them thus Corey was experiencing phenomenal healing. The enemy AGAIN lashed out with murderous rage.

While leading Holy Communion and partaking of the body of the Lord, the demons caused Corey to drop the bread on the floor and mocked, "We dropped the body of the Lord!"

Then just before partaking of the blood of Jesus the demons in a fit of rage picked up a wooden table that sat before us and threw it towards me with such FORCE that I have rarely encountered. Mind you, I have been involved in more then 8,000 deliverances all across the globe and have come across only a handful of cases where the demons were of this strength. It was that intense. Words cannot describe the sheer murderous violence that was exhibited in this exorcism.

By only God's grace I raised my right arm in an attempt to protect my head and the table smashed on my arm thus my head was safe from being injured but my arm hurts. Even as I type this my arm hurts but the Lord heals me.

Then that was the beginning, pastor James lunged to get a hold of him before the demons could do more damage to me. In that process he was thrown up against the wall and he was hit so hard, by the sheer force of demon power within Corey, that his elbow was bruised and bloodied. We struggled mightily to restrain him (sadly, the mother and father sat there and did not intervene). We kept on calling upon the blood of Jesus and the demons lunged at me again with hateful profanities, this time hurting me (as I type this my left leg hurts but the Lord heals me) as they kicked me, throwing their fists at me and assaulted me with incredible demonic force. God though spared me of great harm. James and I could have been seriously injured and or killed. It was that serious.

Finally Jesus prevailed and I was able to calm him down but then the demons drove him from the meeting area and we are unsure of his whereabouts now. The Holy Spirit then spoke and warned me. I am in danger. I was to leave Giddings and head over to Houston for more ministry. So, James and I are leaving to head to Houston.

God calls us to utilize wisdom and prudence in all matters. There were times in the life of the apostles and Jesus that they purposely avoided some areas because of evil people who sought do them great harm. We follow in their example.

We are living in the end of times where demons are surfacing with great fury and anger. Just yesterday, I received yet another death threat from someone in Western Europe which begs the question did these demons with this person communicated with the demons within this person to harm me??? Only God knows, we trust in the blood of Jesus to protect and we do not fear!

"Looking forward to being destroyed in Ohio?? I'm excited to watch!! Hahahahaha the famous jay bartlett, tortured and destroyed in front of the public!!! See you there!!!"

The "famous Jay Bartlett," hardly. I'm merely a servant of the Lord. That's all I am. I take these threats very seriously and as such have taken some precautions even with my security infrastructure at my home and property to ensure my little ones and wife are safe. We have placed little crosses throughout out property and our home is covered with the atoning sacrificial blood of Jesus!
"For he has rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves..."

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