This Righteous Tree

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This Righteous Tree

Post by Chameleon » Thu Feb 18, 2010 9:59 pm

:clapping: :clapping: :clapping: This is a righteous tree. I praise Yahweh for the family that is here of ministers and other sons and daughters of the Lord. I want to say, "Thank you, all, for every prayer that has ever been prayed for me by one of you here, every scripture shared, all the light you have showered upon me when darkness threatened to consume me and my family." Now, I must take all of those great comments and lay them at the feet of Yahu'shua Ha Mashiach, our Lord and Savior and Yahweh, our Father who has caused each of you to be what you are so that I could find grace when I sought the people of God. Truly, He has a remnant. I am not totally out of the woods, yet, but, I will say that it is through no fault of the Lord. It is me not believing that all prison doors are finally opened, all systems go and my future and destiny, "waiting." I was a new minister/and prophetess to the Body of Christ in need of teaching, care, love and support. I did not have to go to a "minister's retreat," or a convention or anywhere else. The Lord sent me here, and, all of you were here for me.
My first article is coming out in "Real Life Faith Magazine," in March. It will be available online, "free." I have been asked to be a contributor and I probably will. An intercessory prayer group I ahave been meeting with for a couple of years is having a summit/convention in June and I intend to go, kicking and screaming. (smile). I have always shunned these things, but, the Lord has a reason for me to go, and I shall obey. I am back working on my first book, and the gifts and talents of the Lord are working freely because when "nothing" was working I came here and was fed by His sheep that are so "humble," and I now know what true greatness is. This is how I shall begin to go forth with you all in my heart reminding me of the "true nature of Yahu'shua!" I now know why I was led here . To learn true humility and a souls true worth. I am overwhelmed right now with love for you all and pray you will pray for me as I go forth to minister, with my eyes always on the prize, Jesus Christ and His sons and daughters Yahweh has taught me in the interim of His love and how to love Him and give and receive love from His people. We are in this together. The biggest part is learning to receive love, that, way when we give it out to someone else we actually feel the passion, (His passion), flowing through us, the same as it is when it comes to us. And, yes, when I get "cold" feet you will know because I will come back with a new topic." Have a blessed evening. To God Be The Glory!!~~ May the Lord heap blessings upon you all for all the seeds of love planted in the lives of everyone that dared to visit here and couldn't help but make it home!
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Post by nautical999 » Thu Feb 25, 2010 2:18 pm

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Post by Godschild » Fri Feb 26, 2010 12:29 am

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