What to post here & what not to post here (please read)

This is a place to discuss heavy duty situations (hauntings, trances, etc.)<br />We want you to know that we believe you, and that you are not alone!<br /><i>(This forum may contain stories that are not suitable for everybody)</i>

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What to post here & what not to post here (please read)

Post by Robert L » Wed Apr 16, 2008 1:25 am

Welcome to our advanced deliverance forum!
As a general guideline, this forum is not recommended for our members under the age of 18 or anybody who is struggling with fear as it contains heavy duty discussions involving demonic bondages, attacks, etc.

The purpose of this forum is to keep the other forums (Lobby, Inner Healing, etc.) non-frightening and family-friendly. If somebody is struggling with bondages to fear, it may not be good for them to read stories of hauntings, out of body experiences, ghosts, etc. However, such experiences are very real to those who are experiencing them, and must be addressed and discussed. This forum is specifically geared to discuss the heavier duty aspects of spiritual warfare, deliverance, etc. that would be unsuitable for some of our other guests.

What to post here: Feel free to seek help and answers for more advanced bondages, where hauntings, trances, out of body experiences, etc. are involved. We believe that what you are facing is real, and want to help, however, stories that are too heavy duty (scary) to share in the other forums should be shared here.

What not to post here: If it's suitable for most of our guests to read, then it's best to keep those forums active and everybody included. Simply talking about demons, bondages, attacks, etc. is not necessarily considered scary around here, as this is what we do all the time in the deliverance ministry. We want to keep the other forums as useful as we can for the majority of our guests, therefore it is recommended to save this forum for the heavy duty (scary) discussions and stories.

What exactly do we consider "heavy duty"? Stories or situations that involve hauntings, ghosts, out of body experiences, scary trances, demonic appearances, etc. Demons and average bondages/attacks are not considered heavy duty, as they are discussed all the time in our other forums.

The bottom line is that if you think your story would seriously scare others, then it might be best to discuss it here in this forum.

Thank you all for understanding! :wave:

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