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Post by stillGods » Fri Jan 27, 2012 7:59 pm

hi, i feel happy today :)
i look back and see the work God has done and when i compare to several years ago He has done great things.
i have a scary event coming up this week but even with that today i am happy and that is amazing and because of God
The Lord walks with me
He is very good to us

Thank You God for never leaving us nor forsaking us
for adopting us as your children, keeping us safe under your wing
Thank You for sending Jesus so we could be saved from our sins and know the Love of our Father in Heaven
Thank you for the Holy Spirit who teaches us and helps us know when we're going in wrong directions that will harm us and for helping us know we are loved by God.

Please help us God to see you and keep seeing you as you really are, please keep us seeking you and please keep us thankful for everything you have done and are doing and to be able to trust you with our futures because you are trustworthy, so very trustworthy, in Jesus Name, amen

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