Locked Up Parts

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locked up parts

Post by dorcus247 » Mon Aug 10, 2009 1:56 pm


I don't know if this will help or not but this is an experience I had a
number of years ago.
When I was in my 30's, I also got mad at people for treating me like a child. I was married and had kids, but older women would mother me
and it would make me so furious. ABout this time I also learned
that I had been raped by a brother at the age of 5. I had no memory of
it, didn't even rember growing up. I went to my local pastor to ask
for some counseling but he didn't know what to tell me, Anyway a friend
invited me to go to PTL and after the meeting my friend got someone to
talk with me. He told me I could either forgive my brother or this thing would eat me up. He also said something that has really helped me a lot and that is forgiveness is an act of the will and not feelings. So that
is what I did, and we went home.
The next morning when I awoke it was like I had aged from that
five year old child to the 34 year old women that I was. That was so
amazing, and after that I was never aware of anyone treating me like a child again. The best part was that I got to tell my brothe that I knew about the rape and that I forgave him. He cried like a baby and told me
he had wanted to hear those words for years. He too had gotten saved
by this time. He died just two weeks later.

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Wow, God held him for 2 more weeks to hear something.....

Post by Dorothy » Thu Oct 15, 2009 10:17 pm

Hi Dorcas,
Wow, that has to be the Lord! To hold him back for 2 more weeks to set him free before going to the Lord.
That must have been an incredible weight he held for all that time aeah?Praise God

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Post by Daughter » Fri Oct 16, 2009 7:53 am

Forgiveness is sooo, sooo, very important. (((hugs))) my sisters.
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Post by godslass » Sun Jan 03, 2010 4:41 pm

Debbie122 wrote:Praise God for this site and revelation......last year I had several revelations about keys and finding keys, but did not understand. God told me I was gate......but locked....My Pastor told me we are all gates for the glory of God......In light of this thread I will pray more into this and ask God for more Revelation - for my fractured soul parts.

I think I have an alter held at the bottom of a well...the delieverance team saw me at the bottom of a pit/well.....very deep, very dark and I was trying to climb out, but kept getting knocked back in....they said "look for Jesus at the top of the well and reach for Him"....needless to say I am still in that well, it is too hard to fight my way out because they did not remove the gatekeeper. The exhaustion comes from not removing the obstacle fighting you.......and we keep trying to battle it on our own....I pray for wisdom and discernment in abundance for all.

I also had a dream about a gatekeeper and his grounds to stay, but we did not discern properly....I pray for revelation in us all. Only God knows what our pains are and what the keys to freedom are and He is all too willing to tell us - if we all listen.

Thank you all for your openness to share these things many feel yet hide from the world. My heart breaks for so many who "look normal" and yet are living in such torment....
God Bless,
I have had that very same picture, about trying to climb out of a deep well, and continually getting knocked back, when I am just about to step into freedom ....

I can also relate to what you wrote about feeling exhausted because of continually needing to battle ...

Because of a trauma in my past my freedom to speak and communicate freely has been locked up. I have been able to get free by praying for release on my mouth (which is a lengthy process), but then the demonic holds keep coming back...

Can someone clarify a bit more what is meant by a 'key' - is it similar to a stronghold, ie a demon that is 'in charge' and able to keep the others locked up, so to speak?

God bless

Ps I wonder how things are with you now, Debra? I hope that you have received the help and healing you need, to get out of that 'well', once and for all :-D
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Post by Rescuer » Sun Jan 03, 2010 8:43 pm

Good question friend in Christ. Yes, evil spirit will often possess keys. What often occurs is demons will target little parts and lock them up in a variety of ways...with chains, in dugeons, in caves, in jail cells, etc. There are multiple reasons why they do so, namely, to prevent the parts from knowing the healing power of Jesus.

It is not absolutely necessary to obtain the keys from the demons, though it does help for many reasons. I have witnessed God tearing down doors that I thought required a key but there have been times where I needed the keys as I couldn't get the doors to come down.

I often to ask the Lord to open the door or utilize one of His weapons, first, then, if for some reason you are still having problems then try to obtain the keys from the demons in Jesus name!

These keys are literal keys in the spiritual realm that literally unlock and secure doorways/passageways. In the Book of Revelation we see how angels utilize keys, these are real keys that can be used.

Often it takes time to delve deep within the body and soul natures to locate the areas where keys are needed to access. Jesus is able though!
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Post by nautical999 » Sun Jan 03, 2010 8:44 pm


alot of times the keys are demonic strongholds and legal rights that they have to be there.

in some sytems there are demons that hold keys to doors and cages gates and even wells that are locked up. the things that are locked up are altars and information that is needed for the healing of the person. The demons do not want to see us healed so they try to lock up the things that will help. a dream where you are searching for the keys is very significant. It shows some of the activity that is inside.
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Post by Debbie122 » Sun Jan 03, 2010 9:34 pm

Ps I wonder how things are with you now, Debra? I hope that you have received the help and healing you need, to get out of that 'well', once and for all
I did receive some help and began to find some things out but sadly I report I am very much in that well to this day - not at all because God is not able but because I am - I simply stopped trying to get out for now.
Best thoughts for you!
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Post by nautical999 » Sat Feb 20, 2010 11:19 pm


are you ready to get out now?
there are many ministers that are here that can help all who are locked up. Not only with you but others here as well. We are in your service.
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