Welcome to Inner Healing and Restoration

Come join us to discuss the subject of inner healing.<br />
Dissociation (DID/MPD), abuse, emotional wounds, etc.

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Welcome to Inner Healing and Restoration

Post by Administrator » Thu Feb 07, 2008 4:11 pm


Welcome to our new forum, specifically for the discussion of inner healing.

Whether you are seeking inner healing yourself, or are ministering to those who need healing, this forum is for you!

Also, please know that there is a new addition to our forum rules:

Disassociation and Alters: We believe that disassociation is real and that alters are not demons. They are parts of a person's mind that has been locked off or separated from the rest of that person as a result of abuse, trauma, etc. Demons are usually found in such cases, but none the less there are still alters. We ask that you respect this belief here in this forum.

Thank you so much for understanding! :wave:

God bless!