Our story, battles, hurts and road to freedom

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Our story, battles, hurts and road to freedom

Post by michel67 » Fri Oct 17, 2014 1:37 pm

We all have a story. As to why were here, why we came, why we come to read, listen, pray for one another, and post and share. I know many have not been on here for awhile lately but I know some still come to read, listen, and to pray, while there are still some of us who post , write and share what we feel led to or what we feel we need to.
I have been on here for alittle while now.. and am thankful for this site.. I had found it before I came on but didn't post or write.. then God directed me back here one day, and im glad He did.. Satan and demons don't want us to write, to share, to share what they do in our lives, so that no one knows , so that no one knows they are there, so they can stay.. If we know they are there, we can pray against them, we can go to God to help us fight our battles, our torments , our nightmares, but at times we need our brothers and sisters to help us, to help us pray, to help us fight, and that's why we come here, all of you on here, for support.. We don't care if satan and his demons don't want us talking, writing, sharing , right? We are not wanting to please them, but please God, and to do what He wants us to do, and for us to expose them and be free...
I started writing last night and lost everything, everything I had wrote and don't want to start again

The reason I came here, I was tired and frustrated of talking to pastors, ministers, who knew not much of deliverance, demons, and helping people who were in need. I came here from years of torment. Starting out with seeing these demons as a child, in my room. I believe many were generational. My parents having issues and demons in their lives. As a child, I knew my mother had demons. I watched her and seen her change before my eyes. Her mother had died, she was depressed, her behavior changed, her personality. Then one night, a emotionally and spiritually dark night, she suddenly died when I was 10, hit by a car. She was gone. And my father sent me within a month or two to live with relatives. Christian relatives, that I knew well and seen often, though 6 months after moving in and living with them my uncle molested me. It was just the beginning though I never told. My father died when I was 23. Even though I went back to live with him after I was 18 , our relationship wasn't the same. We weren't allowed to talk about my moms death or discuss it. It was forgotten and gone. I had been involved in the Ouija board before, gotten into the occult , ignorantly , and not knowing and not caring about myself if I did. I had had a lot of abandonment and rejection issues inside.. I had opened some big doors in my life without understanding what I was doing. I at one point, or a part of myself, had asked.. invited, inside these monsters.. Over the years I developed a rage, inside coming out to the outside.. I would get angry, throw things, break things, in my home, trying to damage, and destroy.. I would begin to cut, didn't think about it, just did, it came, and I didn't feel from it.. Once cut so much had over 20 or 25 cuts on my arm.. Didn't think about it, just wrapped a towel over my arm.. The scars grew from the cuts.. Then it just seemed natural to do when I was upset.. I even had the urge and feelings to draw and write in my room, draw drawings, pentagrams, upside down crosses, and writing words to satan and of satan.. It was not intentional by me but regardless was done. I developed strong, frightening nightmares and night terrors.. Screaming out in my sleep, talking in my sleep, sometimes a different voice coming out, gutterals, moanings, etc.. I still have the nightmares, but have been receiving deliverance for a few years now and the screaming has lessened, and the dreams are not so frightening as they had been, the cutting has ceased pretty much, and all else.. lately anyways..
I now know to call upon Jesus Name, to plead the blood of Jesus, and pray against satan and the demons.. I do not want demons in my life, they do not bring happiness, peace, or love, they only bring sadness, anger, destruction, and hate.. It is their intention of all to destroy , and hurt peoples lives.. This is my story, and I am still on my path and the road to freedom, and wholeness,, I know Jesus has been their from the beginning,, I accepted Him as a child and went to Him.. People may leave you in life, may hurt you, may not listen, may not know what to do to help, may disappoint you but Jesus will not,, Jesus will not leave you, will not hurt you, He will listen, He is waiting to Listen, He knows what you need and what to do, and He will not disappoint you..
It helps to write, to share, to talk, to post, to let it out, for anyone to let the bottled up feelings inside out, the prayer requests, and praying for someone else.. Don't feel discouraged, keep going to Jesus, keep calling to Him, He hears..
If you are looking for freedom, if you don't want the demons in youre life, if you are tired of hurting, talk, let someone here know, find someone to help, to listen and to help you get on youre road to being free , healed and whole. Don't just keep letting them win and letting them get what they want,, fight and fight hard and let them know you are fighting and you will win.. to stand with Jesus , not with them..
We are all here for a reason, if you feel led please share youre story why youre here, why you have been here, and why you want to be here.. Were all here to listen, encourage, and help one another , by a word, a testimony or prayer.. The battle is real.
Thanks for listening..

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Post by uncertain » Mon Oct 20, 2014 9:24 am


Thank you for posting.


I guess I'm not sure what my story is... whether it's due to something like repressed memories or something else.

I fought demons for so long, maybe more like it was done on my own strength, and ended up getting sick, tired, drained, ill, and people around me turned on me even worse, sometimes it was like they sided with them. Guess I'm used to hardly anyone understanding what I'm going through, and even less knowing, and almost nobody knowing what to do.

And even when I'm told what to do, it's like it doesn't end up getting done. Sometimes it's like I have to "fight tooth and nail" and at great length to even start basic tasks, even trying to pray.

There's a post I made here that seemed to detail some of my hang ups too. It may have been confusing to understand though, but I wondered if I still have the same things holding me back.

There's a lot to say I guess... maybe too much to say, or read.

Started reading Holy Spirit Counseling (Healing your deepest wounds) on Great Bible Study recently, and I was in tears. But I quickly found myself becoming like... numb, as was mentioned numerous times.

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Post by AdamRS » Mon Oct 20, 2014 10:34 am

Thank you for that post, Michel. I know that came from the heart, and it was moving to read.

I love sharing my encounters with demons on here -- and I strive to be as vivid as I can. As a matter of fact, I just finished listening to a sermon by Joyce Myer on TBN where she was saying that the Lord leads you...promotes you... a little bit at a time when you choose to follow Him. This was a reassuring message to hear, since sometimes I falsely believe that I have to be "perfect" in order for the Lord to want to use me.

I recently posted something in the Advanced Deliverance forum where it definitely seemed that the Lord was leading me through a maturing process in a recent personal dream encounter with demons where I experienced mixed success in casting some out.

I hope to one day follow in the general footsteps of a Jay Bartlett, or Bob Larson. I don't see myself as a mega-pastor preaching to millions on TV (however, may the Lord's Will be done), but as a kind of door-to-door minister, helping others who are in dire need of deliverance that -- sadly -- can't even find it half the time at their very own church!
I asked the Lord one morning, "What can defeat them (demons)?". Immediately within my spirit, I felt the words "FAITH IN ME".

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