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Post by Robert L » Sat Feb 11, 2006 6:46 am

Here's a thread specifically for sharing testimonies!

Does your testimony relate to deliverance or spiritual warfare? If so, please post your testimony here instead.

God bless! :wave:

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Post by Robert L » Sat Feb 11, 2006 6:47 am

Today I was meeting with a client of mine, who happens to be a great Christian and a strong believer. Her son called her with a devastating situation, where he was accused of stealing a whole bunch of tools at work. Four of us at the meeting stopped for a moment to pray over the situation. JUST before we left the meeting, her son called her and said that they found all the tools!

Praise God!! :clapping:

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Post by PreacherMan4U » Sat Feb 11, 2006 4:34 pm

Praise he Lord!!!


God is good, all the time!!!

The Word Of God is sharper than any two edged sword.

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Post by Robert L » Sun Feb 12, 2006 4:58 am

Saved from a possibly robbery at the bank...

Last winter, on the way home after doing some shopping (after dark) with my mother, I pulled up to an ATM machine so she could make some deposits, and I usually let her get out and walk around the car to do her banking (she knows what she's doing with her account and used to her bank)... this time, I felt uneasy for some odd reason (didn't get a peace about it), so I backed the car up a little and pulled it tighter to the ATM. I told her to just tell me what to do, and I'll do it this time. So I pushed in the ATM card, typed out the pin, and started selecting from the menu, and all of a sudden, I was in the middle of pecking away, I just glanced up in my rearview mirror, to see this guy walking right up behind the car (about 14 feet from my bumper!!!), with a cell phone in his hand. Being after dark, with the area not well lit up, an alley not far away and a party store just about a block away, I didn't want to hang around... so I hit "cancel" and pulled the ATM card out... and popped it in 1st gear and sped off! I had to turn on an alley to get back to the road I was going to take home, and as I was driving down the alley, we saw this other guy creeping up behind the first one!!

If mom had done the banking and walked around the car (like normal), she could have NEVER gotten back into the car by the time the guy walked up, OR if I hadn't looked up in the rearview mirror when I did, that guy would have been able to walk right up beside my car and who knows what he had in mind???

A miracle?? I'd say so!!! :clapping:

In Christ,

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Post by Robert L » Sun Feb 12, 2006 5:01 am

Dad got a vasectomy, but God said "nope, you're not done yet!"

(For those of you who don't know what a vasectomy is... it's an operation so you won't have any more children.)

I think of how I am a living miracle... my parents were happy with the children God had given them, so my dad had an operation, but my youngest sister wasn't satisfied... so she went to God in prayer and asked for a brother. My dad said to himself, "no way... that just isn't gonna happen!"

Well... 9 months later... I came as a 100% miracle into this world!!

My dad went back to the doctor who did the operation... I won't go into details here, but God completely un-did the operation.... a 100% irrefutable medically documented miracle!!!

Now.. when my dad asked the doctor what this was all about... the doctor simply pointed to the sky...

Just had to share that with you guys!! :wave:

God bless,

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Post by Robert L » Wed Mar 08, 2006 7:42 pm

Even the little things in life matter to our heavenly Father

I'd like to add a small testimony that happened the other day that my father shared with me. A piece came lose from his eyeglasses, and he noticed it was missing. He was running the vacuum when the Lord spoke to him and said "STOP!!". He stopped, looked down and right in-front of the vacuum was the small piece missing from his glasses!

He was just about to vacuum it up... but the Lord wasn't going to let that happen! :-D

It's neat how the Lord is concerned with even the little things like that in our lives? :wave:
Religion brings outward conformity; relationship transforms the heart.
It was the religious folks who hated and murdered the Son of God.
Is it not rightly said that religion is Satan's version of Christianity?

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Post by Robert L » Sat Mar 11, 2006 2:50 am

Burn healed after prayer

Ok, I usually am a little more careful than this, but yesterday I took a bite out of a VERY hot sandwich, and burned the top of my mouth quite bad... I believe I pealed off a layer of skin last night and it felt very raw... not fun! :crying:

We prayed that it would heal before this morning so that I would never know anything happened... this morning I woke up and had I not remembered the situation last night, I wouldn't have even known such a burn even took place!

Right now, it has COMPLETELY finished healing... it feels like new!

Praise God!!! :clapping:
Religion brings outward conformity; relationship transforms the heart.
It was the religious folks who hated and murdered the Son of God.
Is it not rightly said that religion is Satan's version of Christianity?

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same-sex attraction gone immediately after deliverance!

Post by clintonclark » Sun Mar 19, 2006 2:22 pm

I think this is my firsst post here. Basically I struggled with homosexual orientation since a very early age. I can remember the DAY that it started. I now know that was when the unclean spirit entered. When I became an adult and a Chrsitian I went through several support and recovery groups sepecific toward overcoming homosexual orientation. I made measurable progress. Support groups were a wonderful experience that helped me face many issues - however, deep inside without a doubt I knew I was still attracted to my own gender sexually.
Before I became a Christian my family was in a cult so I knew from that I needed deliverance. I was always told that for sure homosexual orientation was NOT caused by demons. Eventually I recieved the baptism with fire and as my times of worshiping in the spirit became more intense eventually demons would get agitated and begin to manefest during my private times of worship. One day I experienced deliverance from I believe 2 rather strong demons. As I drove home I noticed that people physically looked different. I drove to a near by shopping mall to see what this was all about. The same gender attraction was gone! I no longer loked at them in the same way! Stunned at what I discovered I have starting studying more about this and begun to speak the powerful message - I have exposed a DIRECT corelation to the demonic and same sex attraction! This discovery pokes many holes in the "nature-nurture" discussions over this explosive and timely issue.
(I note there is no spell check with this forum - I apologize in advance I no my spelwing is sumtimes atrocious!!!!)
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Post by Cowtown » Tue Mar 28, 2006 9:08 am


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Post by ahmunmun » Tue May 30, 2006 2:54 am

I just want to comment on clintonclark's testimony. I was just over at another board where a user was telling me that there are no spirit of sins and that lust and homosexuality are works of the flesh, and that Jesus never casted out demons of sins but demons of situations (i.e.: deaf and dumb). So reading your testimony was a confirmation to me that these demons of sins do exist. I was just reading the book of Hosea where it talked about a spirit of whoredom in the people of Ephraim. Of course, these demons of sins are real! I don't see how people could argue otherwise...

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Post by Jesus Is Real » Thu Jun 01, 2006 6:49 pm

ahmunmun wrote:I just want to comment on clintonclark's testimony. I was just over at another board where a user was telling me that there are no spirit of sins and that lust and homosexuality are works of the flesh, and that Jesus never casted out demons of sins but demons of situations (i.e.: deaf and dumb). So reading your testimony was a confirmation to me that these demons of sins do exist. I was just reading the book of Hosea where it talked about a spirit of whoredom in the people of Ephraim. Of course, these demons of sins are real! I don't see how people could argue otherwise...
Hey Winnie, :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:

It truly takes the Holy Spriit of God to show them God's Word.
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GOD LOVES HIS LAND and there is foot steps to take as He will, little by little, lead you by His Spirit. Teach a man the Full Gospel and he will Truly Work out His Own Salvation with (Holy) Fear and Trembling.

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It's long... but I feel I overcame a lot!

Post by Bunn » Fri Jun 16, 2006 8:36 pm

***I wrote a long personal testimony awhile back, so I figured I would share it here***

Back before I reached the age of accountability (the age when a child is able to make their own decisions) I was a good girl. I had to deal with much more than any child should ever have to deal with. My mom was severely schizophrenic and psychotic. At the age of 2 I walked in on her trying to stab my Dad. This wouldnt be the last time I witnessed my Mom trying to kill my Dad. My Mom stayed in bed almost all day, sometimes for days at a time. I didnt have much of a Mom. I was taken care of mostly by my Dad and a friend of the family. I have a bunch of childhood memories of my Mom screaming at people who I could not see, her stabbing walls, her smacking me for saying I was going to do horrible things to her when I never said a thing. She ruined many of my friendships by either scaring the kids or hurting them. She was in and out of hospitals every year. There were so many nights when my Dad and me would be having a good time together. Sitting on the couch watching TV. And you would hear my Mom come stomping down the hallways and she would run out and start hitting my Dad and swearing at him for talking about her.

Then one day when I had built a tent out of blankets and chairs in our familys living room. My Dad came home from going out for a drink with a friend. And my Mom started a fight with him. She then went storming out saying that she had taken all of my savings money and bought herself a place to live. And with that my Mom and Dad had separated and all my money for the future was gone.

When she tried to get a divorce she went up in front of the judge and said a bunch of stuff that was obviously insane. The judge wouldnt grant her a divorce because she was obviously in need of my Dads insurance. So after that I started spending time going back and forth between my parents houses.

But then at the age of 13 I was being manipulated by a 14-year-old boy who claimed to be a man and who was in a gang. He was feeding me lies that I was blind to at the time. For one of the first times in my life I was feeling accepted and part of the cool group. I called this boy my boyfriend for over a year. The whole time he was running around sleeping with girls and who knows what else. Then there came the night that he got me to drink a bottle of wine and pressured me into having sex. This is one of my lifes biggest regrets. Here I was thinking that I was in love and that this meant something to him. But no the next day he pretty much mocked me and made fun of me for it. He hurt me. And I was only at the tender age of 13.

This marks the beginning of my life falling apart.

After this had happened I changed quite a bit. For one I had to now put up with ridicule from others who I went to school with and seen everyday. People who even at one time I thought were my friends. Since people just love to thrive on gossip everyone knew about this happening. And one by one, person to person, the story would change a little bit. And there I was at the age of 13 getting called a whore and a slut for having been pressured into sex with someone I thought loved and cared about me.

I ended up turning into a scared girl who thought she needed to have sexual relations with guys to be accepted.

When I was 14 or 15 I had developed an anger problem. And I would find myself swearing at my Mom and basically not caring too much about her. I thought she was crazy and at that time I didnt fully understand what she was going through. I was angry with her for messing things in my life up and for not giving me a normal childhood. I would say mean things to her, yell at her, and tell her to go to her room. It was as if I was in charge. I made her drive me around and I didnt ask her permission on things. I liked this life. So one day when I was supposed to go back home to my Dads (which was supposed to be my primary residence) I said no. That I wasnt coming back there and that I wasnt going to live there. I hurt him. I was a horrible child all of a sudden.

Eventually my life became full of gossip, boys, sex, doing badly in school, staying up late, drinking, and having a love for hurting people. I realized that I had this power over boys, that I could manipulate them and crush them. There was one time when I had 5 different guys who thought I was their girlfriend. I dated many older guys who were more than likely just using me.

Then came the night that I first attempted suicide. I wont get into the reasons behind it. But I did it. I swallowed as many pills as I could find. Whatever I could find. That night was the first night that I knelt down and prayed to God. I didnt want to die. But I was pretty sure death was coming. I was hallucinating. I thought I had snakes in my bed with me, slithering over me. I could see my drapes and things in my room moving around on their own. When it came time to go to school it was obvious I couldnt go so I went and told my Mom about what I had done. She rushed me to the ER. It was there that I heard demonic voices booming from all corners of the room. I thought that these voices were coming from a monkey that was a hallucination of mine. He was in a see through trash bag. These voices were saying terrible, dreadful, scary things to me. The doctors came in along with a cop and some other people. They held me down to the bed and shoved a tube up my nose and down to my stomach. They were pumping the pills out of me. I puked on the cop.

After that I was kept in the hospital on suicide and escape precautions for 2 weeks. Once again I had hurt my parents very badly. I was told that I had mood swing problems. I was put on many medications for bi-polar. And the hospital was threatening to tell my parents about the older guys and such things.

Even after I got out of the hospital I went on taking bunches of pills. Usually sleeping pills. I would go to school all screwed up because I overdosed before going there. I dont know what was wrong with me. I was only in 8th grade. There was even a time when someone tried to set me up by putting a razorblade in my desk. And the teachers counseled me.

Lets move on later on in my life I got wrapped up in the wrong crowd. This was after I talked my parents into letting me drop out of public school and go through home school. (Which I did nothing for.) This was part of why I ran away from my Dad. Yes.. I ran away took off out the door with no shoes on. They were looking for me for quite awhile and then the cops were looking for me. I saw a cop coming so I jumped into a woodsy area. I later found out I jumped right into a bunch of poison ivy that later covered my body and I had to go to the hospital for. Once again were going to fast-forward I basically moved to another town at the age of 17. Without my parents permission. It was there that I started a relationship with a girl. There were many people who lived at this apartment. Many people who came and went. But this group made me feel accepted and like I wouldnt have to worry about anything for the rest of my life. But slowly one by one these people were going to jail. I did some things I am not happy that I did. I knew about things that I wish I didnt know about. But they slowly betrayed me also. Every last one of them and I realized that once again I was being used.

While I was with that group I got started smoking pot. This would go on for years. And this would be the beginning of some very deep depression issues.

After I came back home from living with the wrong crowd I started seeing Jason, who is now my fiance and I think he is an angel. Just a couple months into my relationship with him I slipped into severe depression. I would cry all day everyday for reasons that I didnt even know. I didnt want to get out of bed. I didnt want to leave the house. I didnt want to be lift alone. I was contemplating suicide daily. But I couldnt bring myself to do it because of Jason. I knew that he loved me and cared about me like no one before ever had. I had heard him sniffling in the middle of the night because he hated what was happening with me. I was in and out of the psychiatrists office. I had been on every medication there was none were helping me. Most actually made me feel worse. This went on for over a year. This was when I was 18. And this was the worst year of my life. If I wouldnt have had Jason I am positive I wouldnt be here today. He is my angel. He stood by me and helped me through every bit of it. He never thought that I was a mental basket case. And we overcame it and I got through it.

Jason and his family are now the ones responsible for this change that is happening to me now. There was one night that Jason talked to me about scary things that I never believed in. I was raised up in a family who didnt talk about religion. So I knew nothing. But it came to the point where I had to think about it all. I was being plagued with unexplainable depressions, horrible nightmares of torture and violence, suicidal thoughts, terrible confusion, doubts, major anger, hostility and even homicidal thoughts, guilt, fear, panic attacks, obsessions with drugs and partying, impulsive needs for sex and girls, extremely demented and vulgar thoughts and language, insomnia, and very strange scary supernatural experiences.

There were many nights where I just felt an intense fear that I was no alone. There were nights when I thought I would hear something or see something but say it was only in my head. I had one time when I had my foot hanging off the end of my bed and I swear I felt a hand come up and grab my ankle and quickly go up my leg. I was terrified and pulled my leg up and sat up. Jason was beside me and didnt know what to think. There were also times when Jason slept in my bed with me that he thought he felt my bed shake. I had also experienced this. There were times for the both of us that we would be awaken for some reason in the middle of the night to notice a strange dark area that almost looked like a shadow in my room. But after trying to re-focus and it would be gone. And then the scariest moment for me was when I was in a deep sleep in my bed. Jason was in the other room watching TV. I awoke because I felt like I wasnt alone. And when I opened my eyes there was a head or a skull something that was hovering right above me. I turned the light on and darted out of my room so fast I couldnt even believe it. I stood there in the middle of the living room, Jason just staring at me, my heart pounding, my body trembling. I was scared.

I eventually went to talk to Jasons parents about religion. I wanted to know more about it. They didnt try to force anything upon me and they were extremely helpful. I learned a lot from them. I heard stories of miracles, demons and black masses, exorcisms, angels, everything. And I left there that night finally believing that God, Satan, demons, and angels were all real. A year went by after this talk and I went through some of the worse spiritual warfare I had experienced. Satan was getting the best of me. All my thoughts and evilness was just intensifying. It finally came to a point where I knew I was evil and I was beginning to really like it. But also my depressions, anger, jealousy, envy and all were growing greatly too. I didnt want to feel those things like I did. I had tried everything and nothing had worked. But I had never given religion a chance. And so with that I started looking more into it. I found a website that talked about symptoms of being oppressed by a demon(s) and I was checking off way too many. And I was amazed at how it listed so many things that I had been dealing with. I realized that this was me and I was close to becoming too wrapped up in it. This was a scary thought.

So within 2 or 3 months after that realization I accepted God into my life. I prayed that he would guide me and help me. I started reading my Bible every day. And I started to give things up that I knew werent helping me with my own personal demons. God helped me to give up drugs, alcohol, girls, sex, swearing, some of my music and movies (I was a HUGE horror movie fanatic) that were bad influences, and He has helped me clean up my thoughts. Within just months He has pulled me out of all that. He has turned my life around.

I havent been depressed. I dont feel anger like I used to. I have no desire for drinking and drugs and partying. I love the way I feel. I feel happy for the first time in longer than I can remember. I feel like how I did when I was 12. Before my life started to fall apart, before Satan started working on me, so that he could blind me of what God could do. I have a whole new outlook on life. And if He could pull me out of all that that had me sucked in, I just wonder what all He has in store to do to for me in the future. I feel bad now when I see people who are in the same place I was. There are way too many of them. But they are still being blinded by lies and deceiving thoughts. And they are too proud to ask someone about Christianity. So this is my testimony, my story. I know many who can relate. And if you are having such problems maybe you should think about this alternative because it works. It is something amazing. I have now been completely overcome by feelings of joy and happiness to the point where I break down and ball like a little girl. I have felt very amazing things. And I finally feel that my life has a purpose. So please consider this an option. God loves you and wants to help you. So do I. So please dont feel scared, ashamed, embarrassed talk to me about it if you want. Things can get better if you allow them too.

I no longer have fears when I am alone. I no longer have nightmares. I get wonderful sleep. I no longer have deep depressions. I no longer cry tears of sadness and sorrow for no reason. I can now hang my feet off the edge of my bed without worrying. I now care about everyone. I love people that I used to hate. I dont ever want to go back to the way I was. And I want to help others find this for themselves. I have no enemies and I love going to church, praying, and reading my Bible.

So there is my testimony I hope it had some affect on you. And I hope you will talk to me or someone else about these things if you were experiencing the things I was.

God bless.
"Give me a soul that never ceases to follow, despite the infection within"

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Post by Jeremy » Sun Jun 18, 2006 4:11 pm


Your testimony is one of the most sad and beautiful ones I have ever read. I've read it a few times already. And though I think it's so sad it just brings me joy and makes me wanna jump all over the room and praise the Lord for being so awesome and compassionate towards you, and pulling you away from your past life. Bless you Sarah, and Bless the people who helped you finding our Lord.

God Bless.


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Post by caring spirit » Mon Jun 19, 2006 4:31 pm

My experiences started here at home one night when I saw some paper move but I just blamed it on being too tired but when it happened the next night too ...I couldn`t ignore that ! From that time on I seen shadows in the house , heard someone walking when we were all in bed! Light bulbs would burst around me and once a glass light shade fell and was shattered....not to mention how my dogs acted they were always ready to attack or at least were growling at something. I even checked out a few new age msn groups and of course alot of the ghostbusters sites( all along I Knew it was only God that could help me) My son only two at the time seen things going through the wall. These are just a few things that went on...Fear you feel is from the very depths of your soul! Very different than just being scared! I would take pictures and what I thought I`d taken a picture of would be different from what showed up on the computer I know this sounds bizarre but evey bit of it is the truth

There`s so much I could tell you but part 2 will be about Micheal my 4yr old son. When this all started he was barely 2 yrs old , he used to say things about dragons but I just figured it was about a cartoon caracter(kids say strangest things sometimes) waking up from a nap one day the first thing he said was kill mommy, that really worried me but tried to think of it as him having a bad dream. He called me into his room one day saying he seen something going through his bedr.wall to the bathroom . He has never been able to sleep in his own room just too scared, he would not even stay outside with me at night something in the sky scared him so bad (did again the other night...errrr) Has had dreams of snake trying to get in to get us ! I caught him talking to something in the bathtub and when he noticed that i was there he turned to me and said just kidding mom(don`t know what he said but apparently it was bad) Finally I was so scared I called my grandmother she called our pastor to come over, she only had to tell him very little and he was here...but when I told Micheal he was comming to bless the house (keep in mind this is comming from a 2yr old) he told me " I Don`t Like Him!" (micheal had never met him) Well he came over and blessed our house micheal was running around 90 miles hr would not settle down Things changed in the house I felt they were gone but satan doesn`t like our snag and poems because now Micheal is acting up really bad he tells us at times he hates us if he don`t get his way......This is just a little bit that has went on with Micheal....I will cont this with other things that went on here ..soon Love you all for your understanding ...............Deb
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Post by Robert L » Wed Oct 25, 2006 2:24 am

Last night I was at somebody's house who had hurt their knee, so I prayed for them, rebuked the pain and God healed them instantly right there on the spot! He looked at me, rubbed his knee and said, "Bob, the pain is GONE!" Praise God!!!
Religion brings outward conformity; relationship transforms the heart.
It was the religious folks who hated and murdered the Son of God.
Is it not rightly said that religion is Satan's version of Christianity?

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