The Suicide Spirit

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The Suicide Spirit

Post by Chameleon » Thu Dec 24, 2009 5:58 pm

I am clapping because there are no 'prayer requests' in the prayer closet dated after December 21. :clapping: And, this is Christmas Eve. Some of you probably know that Christmas is, (and has been), the time of the "highest suicide rate," of the year. Hospitals, police, etc. agree that the rate is up, and the 'world' (in general) also agree, so, this is not only a time when the spirit of suicide jumps on Christians. All depressed, lonley, sad and abandoned people are at risk. I am praising the Lord this morning that with all of the spirits that are dealt with by the Spirit of the Lord by ministers and lay-Christians in this fellowship"family," and taking into consideration, also, the fact that we are all under varying amounts of attacks and oppression, even personal, because we are being used to see others set free. so, I just wanted to give Yahweh/God some glory this morning that at least here on this site people are not requesting prayer at the highest depression and suicide time of the year. Hallelujah!!~~Thank You , Jesus. Father God, may this continue throughout the holidays and into the New Year You are blessing us with. We acknowledge Your 'grace and Favor,..and "Blessing!!~~" :clapping:
REMEMBER, Yahweh's FORGOTTEN people, the Homeless.

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