Forum Rules (Please Read!)

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Forum Rules (Please Read!)

Post by Administrator » Sat Jan 14, 2006 7:28 am

(Last updated June 2, 2008)


This forum is intended to promote friendly and uplifting fellowship between like-minded believers. These rules are not intended to limit the beauty of the forum, but to keep it uplifting and enjoyable for all. Please keep in mind that this is a deliverance and spiritual warfare forum, and is intended to uplift and promote peaceful fellowship for like-minded believers.

Thank you!
The Management

1. Protesting the ministry of deliverance

Members who come here for the purpose of challenging deliverance ministers and arguing over the validity of this ministry will not be tolerated. This includes any posts that suggest that a Christian cannot have a demon. One of the reasons it is important to recognize the need for deliverance in the life of believer, is because there would be no real need for this ministry if people auto-shed their demons at the time of salvation. Yet Jesus made it clear that the ministry of deliverance will continue after He ascended into heaven to sit at the Father's right hand (see Mark 16:17). The ministry of deliverance can be defended on a solid scriptural bases, but to allow members to constantly challenge and try to reason away the need for deliverance is fruitless and time consuming.

2. Posting private information

Information such as last names, phone numbers, and email addresses are not allowed in the public forums.

3. Inconsiderate conduct

Please treat each other with respect. This forum is not intended for arguing but peaceful fellowship. Members who are found treating others with disrespect and rudeness may be warned, and eventually banned.

4. Constantly posting false teachings

If a member makes a practice of posting false teachings that twist or contradict scripture, he or she will eventually be banned. It is understandable if somebody posts false beliefs that contradict scripture because of ignorance, but if they make a habit of it, they may be banned.

5. Posting illegal or copyrighted materials

Any content copied from other Web sites without permission of the site owner is copyright infringement and will not be tolerated. Any offending posts will be removed, and if the member continues posting illegal content, he or she will eventually be banned.

6. Posting/sending links to other sites

This forum is not intended to promote other Web sites or forums. Posting links in messages, PM's, emails sent through the forum, and signatures is not allowed. Links to sites promoting any product or service are not allowed in profiles without permission.

Even links to teachings or other materials are not allowed in the forum. It is time consuming to filter out bad teachings from good teachings, and therefore we cannot allow external links in the forum.

Exception: Links to pages on Great Bible or Ministering are acceptable. These teachings are approved and safe to promote on the forum.

Any offending posts will be removed, and if the spamming continues, he or she may be banned.

7. Mentioning the names of other forums

Mentioning the names of other forums or message board Web sites is forbidden. There are many false teachings floating around on other Christian message boards, and many go there just to protest against this ministry.

8. Protesting Charismatic beliefs

All denominations are more than welcome to join us for fellowship, but we ask that arguments are not made against popular Charismatic beliefs. These include the baptism of the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, gifts of prophecy, being slain in the Spirit, etc. Charismatic beliefs may be discussed, but not debated or argued against.

9. Debating or opposing our teachings

Please remember that the teachings on Great Bible and Ministering are all authored by Robert L (unless otherwise noted). Audio sermons on Great Bible are by Pastor James Brandt (unless otherwise noted). Debating or opposing teachings posted on these sites is forbidden on this forum (including PM's and email sent through the board). If you are concerned with the teachings posted on these sites, please contact Ministering Deliverance directly and share your concern.

Disassociation and Alters: We believe that disassociation is real and that alters are not demons. They are parts of a person's mind that has been locked off or separated from the rest of that person as a result of abuse, trauma, etc. Demons are usually found in such cases, but none the less there are still alters. We ask that you respect this belief here in this forum (including PM's and email sent through the board).

10. Images, graphics or photos

Images, photos or graphics are not allowed in posts unless expressed permission is given. This is true with both posts and signatures. Avatars are encouraged, but please keep them clean and respectable in nature.

11. Bashing other ministries

Please refrain from bashing ministries. This forum is intended for great fellowship, not to bash other ministries. This includes talking negatively or picking on Godly ministries.

This includes abusive deliverance stories: While we 100% agree that there are abusive ministries out there that practice deliverance in an unloving manner, by no means do we support such practices, nor do we allow such stories to be posted here in the forum.

12. Profiles and Signatures

Signatures: Please remember that any content you place in your signature is subject to the rest of the forum rules. Images, links and contact information is not allowed in signatures.

Profiles: Links to Web sites promoting a product or service are not allowed. Links to Web sites promoting teachings that are contrary to the teachings on Great Bible or Ministering are also not allowed. Web sites linked to should abide by the other forum rules as well.

Reporting violations

If you see anybody violating any of these rules, please contact a moderator on the forum.

Thank you! :wave: